dinsdag 13 mei 2014

musing with a mug .........


do you
tea/coffee ?
I am a musing kind of drinker.
I love to drink my coffee 
and muse .....
take a nip and ........

it depends on my mood
which mug or cup I choose.......

having coffee 
with a friend
is another story
enjoying the friendship
looking forward to
the togetherness
the sharing
the happiness
defines the choise of the mug/cup

having coffee/tea with
my family 
is always special....
they all enjoy drinking coffee now 

they all have their
own/favorite mug .


when I was a kindergarten-teacher
I always bought a new mug
for the new schoolyear .

I still can be very happy
when I find a new mug 
that makes me smile

sitting and musing with a warm mug in my hands
I just love that 


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Hello Francis,
    I loved this post today because there's nothing more special than a cup of coffee or tea on a hectic day. I'm not sure why, but I have always thought that the blue tea cups are the prettiest. My wedding china is even in blue. I have started to collect different cups, and every time I see one that I like, I add it to my collection. I am like you......I choose a different cup every day depending on my mood. I have to say I love that copper one on here. When I see a cup with pink roses, that seems to attract me too.

    Have a wonderful week drinking your coffee and tea, Francis.


  2. Hallo Francis! I love my tea, and I prefer to take my tea with my husband, at night, when all the stress of the day is behind me. Then, as the effect of the milk in the tea hits me, I fall asleep. I enjoy a large mug for the evening, but if I'm having tea with a friend, I prefer the small cups so we can pour more tea several times during the conversation. OR....I do muse when alone and a large mug around which I can wrap my cold hands in winter. Hugs to you dear Francis. Anita

  3. Oh, I do love all of your mugs, but I am afraid that I drink neither coffee or tea and rarely use a mug.

    I drink my diet Snapple in a blue Ball jar with a straw - no class!

  4. I agree with all of this! At school it's just a quick drink, but at home, it is a leisurely pleasure in a pretty china cup. My favourite tea experience is with my friend Lizzie and her dog Peggy, we have Lapsang Souchong and delicious home made cake!