donderdag 4 juni 2015



give up on
that you can't go
a day 
without thinking
about it .

I have been thinking 
 about blogging
a lot 
and I came
to the conclusion
that blogging is unique.

I have let myself 
get carried away
in using facebook
and instagram
and a lot of blogfriends
are there too
for me 
blogging is like 
the small shops
where the owner has 
time and attention.
facebook and instagram
are more like THE MALL
It's more about looking 
and being seen ......

I am a huge fan
of old streets with little shops
( like the shop-around-the-corner
in the movie YOU'VE GOT MAIL )
and I choose to be true 
to that again .

Since I got a second chance
with my TWO new hips
my life turned around
because it 
coïncideer with
retiring from my job
as a kindergarten-teacher
and also 
my four children 
leaving the house 
to live their own lives .

A lot of changing 
and the new hips 
turned out to be 
the biggest gift of all.
It's the being-able-to-stand-on-my-own
TWO FEET again
To be independent .

A new start 
learning to live my life 
at home 
On my own 

My granddaugther got
4 in may 
and she now goes to 
The school where I worked
for so long .
To see how she has grown
and also took a new step
in life is so wonderful to experience.

We all have a place in life
and we all are sometimes 
wandering .....
The friendships I found
are very valuable to me .

My laptop going down
should not have been 
an excuse 
for not blogging .
blogging on my IPad 
takes ME a lot of time
and patience ..............
so is shopping in the small shops 
in the old streets 
and it's all about
choices .
I have time 
lots of time 
to do things my own way now .

How lucky I am 


11 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh Francis, I was so surprised to see that you had a new post, I've missed you. wow, your granddaughter is in Kindergarten already. Jess is finished for the school year next week, as she teaches second grade students. It has been a very hectic last two weeks with open house, report cards and such. I'm glad you are still blogging, and I am not on facebook or instagram. I think I can handle only my blog for now hehehe. I love when you said "for me blogging is like the small shops where the owner has time and attention." That is so true and such a beautiful thing to say.

    Iove you, Francis, and I hope you are enjoying life with all the new possibilities that are coming your way.


  2. FRANCIS! You will never, ever believe this, but I TOO have come to the same conclusion! I just joined Instagram and I am LOVING IT, but I love blogging and back in January, I had quite posting. But I too came to the conclusion that Blogger offers more options for self-expression and though I've been visiting blogs as much as I could during a very busy school year, it is in the PARTICIPATION of sharing where a lot of the joy is completed. Welcome back my dear friend. Come to visit me when you get a chance. Oh we have so much to discuss. LOVE! Anita

  3. Lieve Francis!

    I just came into the house from gardening (what a joy that is for us), and I saw your comment. Oh thank you so much for coming to visit me and your words are WISE and true to my heart. Every word you said rings true to me, and one thing I've learned about writing, my biggest priority next to my work: you have to LIVE in order to create. You simply cannot say, "I need to make time to write." You have to live to write, you have to experience every day at work, with people, in a crowd, in solitude, in joy, in doubt, in order to create. Oh how wisdom is so patient with us, isn't it!

    I am so thrilled to hear of your discoveries my friend. School is out now, and I will soon be leaving on vacation HOWEVER, I am going to write to you properly, and I can't wait to sit to do so.

    Much love to you, Anita

  4. I was so excited when I looked on my blog roll and saw that you had a new post. It's good to catch up.

    I am blogging less only because my hand still gives me trouble even 3 months after surgery - to doctor assures me that is normal. Thus, I can't sit at the computer for very long and I also can do a lot of projects. But, I will be back more regularly.

    What is your instagram account name so I can check it out?

    Mine is artandsand

  5. Fijn dat je er weer bent, want je blogs zijn altijd een feestje! Facebook en Instagram is gewoon iets heel anders en ik vind het jammer dat zoveel blogsters het bloggen opgeven of op een laag pitje hebben staan. Ik ga er gewoon lekker mee door en kom graag weer bij je lezen! Lieve groetjes

  6. Welkom terug Frances! Ik moet zeggen dat ik Instagram ook erg leuk vind, maar het bloggen is ook voor mij nog steeds het meest bijzondere.

    Fijn dat het zo goed met je gaat en je vol levenslust aan de slag bent!

    Geniet ervan!

    Madelief x

  7. I came into your blog accidentally attracted by red cup points. Actually I love all cups like and ten points, but it does not matter ... I'm glad I found your "small shop". I have exactly the same feeling about blogging, which I found very interesting friends. And - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter ... are as large malls. I like old towns like small craft shops and invite you into my bakery you can enjoy virtual sweets - many of them healthy and delicious salads and soups, and sometimes dishes. Many will be glad if you like it and decide to stay and come often to me. I will stay with pleasure at you! See you soon!

  8. What a perfect analogy of blogging.,The Shop Around the Corner. One of my blogs was titled that. :) There is community here, a gathering like no other social media achieves. I think that's why I'm still here after five years while on the other hand, facebook, twitter, and instagram were long gone for me.
    It was good visiting with you today, Francis. Stopping by via Anita's.
    Much love.