woensdag 17 juni 2015

🌺❤️ dance ❤️🌺


I am not a dancing
on the outside 
on the inside 
I think I dance
there is JOY 
and there is my 
granddaugther .
She loves to dance 
all the time .
Together we worked in 
the garden and 
there is a lot going on there.
There is GREEN and movement
from all kinds of little insects 
and Eva talkshow to them !
She finds out if ants can swim
and HOW they swim
She catches lots of SNAILS 
and gives them names ....
we now have our own strawberries

She knows the names of 
the plants too and she loves 
the way they sound .......
Oost-Indische-kers ......
and that strawberries wear CROWNS 👑

So we have our own way 
of dancing through life 
Me and my granddaugther
I teach her 
and she teaches me 


11 opmerkingen:

  1. So inspiring children! And it is always inspiring to play with them one! I love time with my kids and their little nieces!
    Hugs and greeted the small inventor!

  2. I love that line, "dancing through life".

  3. Francis, what better place to spend time with your granddaughter than a garden. It's nice to hear that Eva likes nature already, and that's so cute that she wants to know if the ant can swim hehehe. A curious child makes me smile because they are eager to learn many things.

    I'm glad you're out there with all the green. I am enjoying my roses very much, and we just saw the first ripe tomato in husband's garden.

    Happy June days, Francis.

    love, ~Sheri

  4. Dearest Francis! Good morning! I flew back home yesterday and missed my blogging fun in the morning, but here I am to be enchanted by your world again!

    I love how your grand daughter is naming the snails. SHE CARES already about nature and the animals! That makes for a great gardener of the greens AND of life itself. And not everyone may dance on the outside, but nothing holds you back from that ballet of joy and beauty on the inside. Keep dancing, every day my friend. And the little ones always have something to teach us!

    HUGS! Anita

  5. My dearest Francis! HALLO!

    I am cleaning my house (I love to garden and clean!) and I am taking a break. I just saw your message on my blog AND I just came from Instagram where I saw Koralee's latest photo in France! YAHOOO!

    To answer your question, YES, I had a great school year, and classes resume in late August. I have many weeks left here in my home and garden and hope to read much and write. I hope that another year in the near future, I can go to France again and meet up with YOU and Saskia! Do you also know Madelief? How wonderful it would be to meet up with you!

    My dearest Francis, time is flying by, but I think time is so interesting; it revolves back to what you love. With that being said, I am so happy to see more of you and to hear you are happy. Garden on, laugh with your grand daughter, see love bloom.

    HAPPY HUGS! Anita

  6. Dear, dear Francis! I loved your comment today on my blog. You got it right: LOVE is what puts the blue in the sky and sea, the pink in the sunset, and the smile on memory's face. You are so right.

    HUGS, Anita

  7. What a lovely post, such an interesting blog Francis! Happy to 'meet" you!