dinsdag 14 juli 2015

🎏 happy garland 🎏


And suddenly
you know..............
It's time to start 
something new and trust 
the magic of beginnings.

My garden is already more a garden again 
than I could have imagened.
It's a new challenge because everything
has to be in pots now .
Lots of watering EACH day 
Learning what works and what not .

My granddaugther is a great help.
She has a habit of talking to the plants
and the flowers and the insects 
that is a kind of magical ✨ 

And still it did not yet feel 
my garden .
Something was missing .....
One day when Eva was with me
suddenly I knew :
and we made a wonderful happy garland 
and THAT was the missing part .

The picture is NOT my garden 
I am still not able to get my own pictures 
in my blog 

it is what it is 
so just the words .
When I sit in my garden now
with the garland waving and showing
me to DARE more and more .
Just to be me 

Happy july to you 


3 opmerkingen:

  1. What I love is that we were meant to discover, to learn. If we don't learn something, ANYTHING, great or small each day, I crave to learn. I need to know what is missing, and when I find it, it completes my day. Happy July to you dearest Francis, and Eva has it right.....we are connected to nature!

  2. Oh, I love this idea and want to make one for my garden.

    I wish I could see your pictures!

  3. I love so much this idea and the photo of your garden Francis! I'm taking a little break from blogland for summer holidays...Wishing you wonderful days ahead and rendez-vous at the end of summer! Until then,