dinsdag 28 juli 2015

🎏🌎 traveling 🌺


I have never been a traveling-person.
Always love to be at home .
I am SO happy my four children did not inherite that part . 
Yesterday I was at Schiphol airport Amsterdam with my eldest son to pick up my daugther Anna who had been to Florence Italy . Her flight was delayed
for hours so she arrived at midnigth instead of early evening . She was supposed to take the train to Rotterdam but we surprised her .
I do LOVE being at Schiphol and watch the endless stream of travelers coming and going . She was asked to take care of two little boys during a wedding in Florence .
My other daugther visited Berlin with friends , came home and left the next morning to fly to Marbella/Spain .
My youngest son and his girlfriend wil be flying to Portugal in August .
And I still love to be HOME but I also love to hear their stories , to see the pictures they send ...... 
I am fascinated by people who travel THE world .
My way of traveling has always been ..... 
in reading and since a few years on THE internet .
Blogging has brought me friends across the ocean , we met on the internet and started sending real old-fashioned mail too. I even met Koralee from Canada already twice here in Holland .
Facebook and instagram are a way of connecting too . Finding people without traveling !
And yesterday at Schiphol I suddenly thought wel ..... Maybe ...... Once .....
Happy last days of july to you ❤️

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh dearest Francis, traveling whether it's on a plane, train or automobile, walking or on the Internet, it is SO MUCH FUN. Exploring even in close proximity to where you live is an adventure, but the trick for that type of travel is to take a street or path you have never taken before. Even traveling in a book, one you've never read is an adventurous traveling experience.

    I wish you many fascinating travels as you continue your ONE WONDERFUL LIFE. Anita

  2. I too love to be home, but right now I am craving travel. Next month we will have a 4 day getaway to San Francisco and that should take care of some of my wanderlust.

  3. Oh Francis, I can really relate to what you're saying because all my kids love to travel, and I would prefer just staying home and listening to their wonderful stories. Although, Nel wants us to take a family trip to Rome someday, and I'm all for that. The girls just got back from a fantastic trip to Europe - three different places. It's nice to hear that your children all like to travel too - they get to see many different cultures, people's lifestyles, and fantastic places.

    love, ~Sheri