zaterdag 3 oktober 2015

*** impermanence ***


I love this time of the year .
October is my  favorite month.
temperature is fresher
the air is damper
the smell is different
the october-sun making it all
pleasant to be outside and 
also showing the beauty of the 
fall-colors .

I love to admire all fall's beauty .
of course Spring and Summer are
wonderful seasons too but
to me AUTUMN crown's them all.

the beautiful spiderwebs
in the early mornings

the old deciduous decayed 
I find touching beautiful .

spring and summer can be 
just a bit TOO much for me .
too powerfull 

I can have that with people too.....
too powerful , too present ..........

I love it when attention is a bit
different , when there can be connection 
to the inside , the innerworld .

and yet I have called this phase of my life 
( turning 65 november 2 )


I know it is called the autumn of life .
but it is because I am getting access to 
a powerful feeling inside me to 
be - become ME-MYSELF 
after being a mother and a teacher 
for a long time .

I feel like a beautiful chestnut who
has been growing and growing and collected
all nature has given him-her
through the seasons and the years 
and has all in himself what's needed to grow 
on his own.

Oh help 
it's hard to find the words in another language.
I hope you can understand a little bit
what I mean to say .

as a crown on my life
I went to the forest
with my granddaugther , she is 4

being here
this time of the year
with her
seeing fall through her eyes 
collecting all the chestnuts , 
acorns , beechnuts , hazelnuts and pinecorns.
was amazing 
feeling the new ME .

being able to drive my car 
to walk overthere 
with my two new hips and
never even thinking about that anymore......

I felt SO lucky and grateful and thankful .
my heart was dancing of pure joy .

my son lent me his laptop
so I can blog again 
happy october you all .


6 opmerkingen:

  1. Happy October.

    What I love about October is ... the location of the sun ... hot days and cool evenings ... the warm up to the holidays ...

  2. Good morning dearest Francis! First of all, you do an amazing job of expressing very deep ideas in ENGLISH. My French teacher from many years ago had complimented me on my ability to use the French language to express MY THOUGHTS. When we can do that in a language that is not our mother tongue, we are on the right path.

    The subject on which you speak here is very near and dear to me as well. I will be 58 in April, and I feel as if I am getting YOUNGER. Why do we both fee this way? I think it is because we are always learning AND most of all, as you have indicated here, that we are in touch with OURSELVES. I agree; the world IS too much for me sometimes. And because I have no choice but I MUST work, I have to struggle to work through and in the chaos that I would rather leave behind me. Yes, I no longer blog and this is why: I have outgrown the writing style. I however, LOVE LOVE LOVE everyone in Blogland that I have come to know, and I still visit when I can. But my school schedule demands a lot of my time and energy, and I had to make a hard choice. But when I say I have outgrown blogging, I mean that my writing goals and energies must be put elsewhere where I can get the kind of feedback necessary to help me grow as a poet. Not many bloggers in this circle are interested. I am working on my photos for yes, that BOOK! So yes, poetry, photography and hopefully a creative expression of that in a book is what I am aiming at with the very little time I have during the school year. One thing that no one ever outgrows however, is LOVE. And I found much of that here, in Blogland.


  3. I love soo much those words and completely share those thoughts. Autumn offers so many delights we must be able to discover and enjoy. And I don't mean only for the season...
    See you on Insta!

  4. Francis, I love when you said "Autumn crown's them all"......I think that is so true - it's such a wonderful season. I am taking it all in right now. So glad you are enjoying it too. Going to the forest with your granddaughter sounds like a perfect outing.

    Enjoy the Autumn days, Francis.

    love, ~Sheri