donderdag 26 augustus 2010

at ease

helps me to create
order in my mind...
Today there was more rain
in one day
than usual in the whole month of august .
I don't have a car
I do everything by bike
very very very wet ......
So I'm glad to be home and dry
and I'm going to sit on my couch
with my coffee
and my knitting
Hope it does not rain where you are
Hope you have a car
Hope you are home
Hope you are on your couch
Hope you enjoy your coffee .
Hope you have something that makes your mind at ease ....

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh those yummy yarns! Almost fall and cool enough to knit again.

  2. I'm home, dry, with a nice cup of tea, enjoying your blogpost :)

  3. Oh do send me some of your rain. It is 38 degrees here again, and we are longing for Winter. No chane here in the south of france.... :(

    Happy knitting to you!

  4. Nu heerlijk thuis, maar vanmorgen kliedernat op de fiets, ik heb geen lekker met een kopje thee even bij lezen, het weekend begint!!! Lieve groet Jolanda

  5. Enjoy your quiet (& dry) time. Love the yarn colors!

  6. What beautiful wool! Love the colours!! Stay dry...!

  7. I hope you stay dry and cozy Francis!
    Thank you for all the wishes!
    You are so sweet...

    I too, love to knit. I hope I find time to do this. It would help if I take out my knitting and leave it near where my father sits. I will probably get my scarf done that I started YEARS ago~ {yes, that's true about me :o)

    {We had lots of rain last week- oh my so much rain}

    Happy Weekend dear ♥ stay dry!

  8. nice colours!!
    and yes:
    I have a car,I'm home now, not yet on the couch,going to get myself some cofee and enjoying my weekend with lots of things to ease my mind!!
    Nice weekend!