dinsdag 3 augustus 2010

What do YOU want ?

To know what you want , in life
you have to know yourself.
That's an interesting journey !
Filled with surprises !
Today I saw this picture in a magazine
and I knew
that's the bathroom of my dreams .
So .... keep dreaming all you ladies .....

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Good morning sweet friend, your image is gorgeous, gold and gorgeous! Have a happy happy Tuesday, we see the golden sun already. xxxx Do enjoy browsing, looking, getting inspired, thinking, dreaming and all the thinks you enjoy the next two weeks. Looking forward to meeting your new coffee cup, monday morning August 16th, oh wait, that will be the great festive start of the new school year. I will have to wait until August 17th, 8hrs30 le matin... <^_^>

  2. I think that tub would look awesome in my sunporch!!!
    Right now... hmmmm ....
    I would LOVE some nice COOL breezes...
    It's very hot and humid here, company's coming and I still have lots to do...
    Some cool breezes would help.
    * * *
    better turn on another fan :o)
    Have a sweet day, Francis!

  3. Hey Francis,een heel speciale foto heb je neergezet!!!

    fijne week


  4. What a lovely tub!!
    THanks for showing us the picture.
    have a wonderful wednesday!