zondag 15 augustus 2010

que sera sera , what ever will be , will be .......

in my classroom
Tomorrow will be the first day
I look forward
to see the children and the parents
and all the happiness
we are going to share .
Wishing you a wonderful start too !

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Ja hoor, wij zullen er zijn. Morgen eerst Bresten nog een allerlaatste keer en alle dagen daarna Celeste en dan over twee jaar stapt Quinten nog vele vele malen over de drempel jouw gezellige, fijne klas binnen. Tot morgen! xxxxx

  2. Francis... Your classroom is sooooo adorable! I love it! My children would have thought they were going to "prince and princess" school if they were to walk through your doorway and into such a magical room!

    I start back to school in early September.
    Blessings to you as you begin anew...

  3. Leuke blog, volgens mij werk je op de school schuin tegenover mijn huis:)
    ga je volgen...zomerse groet

  4. I still remember the feeling when its the first day of the school... But as a teacher it must be different than as a student when you are a bit nervous and there is a tinge of excitement in the air... Have a nice day!

  5. Aww...what a lovely classroom... I wanna join the class!! hehe...


  6. How lovely...I adore your sweet classroom. I do not go back for another 2 weeks...love your bunting that you have hanging...I just may have to do that too. xoxoxo

  7. Wat een leuke klas Francis,en wat een mooie decoratie!Veel plezier met de éérste schooldag...

    fijne dag...

  8. That is an adorable classroom!! The children are so lucky to have you for a teacher.
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I am not going anywhere! ( :
    Have a pretty day!

  9. Oh my goodness! Is there any way I can turn back the clock and be a little one again?? I want you as my teacher!!! What a beautiful, inviting classroom you have! ;) Paulette

  10. Daar ben ik, mijn eerste stop op mijn avondwandeling ;)
    Een gezellige avond, liefste Francis. Tot morgenvroeg-vroeg xx