woensdag 29 september 2010

tomorrow tomorrow

I will return
to the island where my parents lived
and my sisters still live
with their families
My sister Marleen is having her birthday tomorrow.
She lives in Haamstede
on the island Schouwen Duiveland
The most beautiful beach of Holland
overthere .
How I miss all of that
living in the very big city of Rotterdam !
It's another world
so I'm looking forward
to be there

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Have a most wonderful time with your family, making special memories to hold and treasure, happy Birthday for your dear sister as well. xxx

  2. Heerlijk een dagje kust en familie! geniet ervan..lieve groet

  3. Hi Francis~
    Wishing you the most wonderful time there~ Enjoy your family ~ your sister's birthday ~ and the beauty all around you ~

    wherever you may be ♥


  4. Oh have fun my friend....wish I could join you! It all sounds lovely!


  5. I always miss home, on the coast in Hollad, with the harbours nearby and the seagulls overhead... But I miss it even more when Autumn arrives.

    (have a lovely time at the coast!)

  6. Hi Francis,
    I hope tomorrow will bring you happiness and joyous with your family...
    And happy birthday to your sister..

    sending my warmest regards from Indonesia,

  7. Yesterday, yesterday, het zal vast erg gezellig geweest zijn.
    Een heerlijk herfstig weekend, lieve Francis xxx