zaterdag 25 september 2010


my birth-day is in november
years ago I wanted to change the traditional way of celebrating
so I invited my (girl)friends
for a special sunday-afternoon-celebration
made invitations
and asked for their support
to join me
I came with a theme
and asked them to share with me
and all the others
their thoughts and experiences .
telling about it , talking about it
listening to eachother
made it SO MUCH MORE
for all of us .
Now we ALL look forward
to the next
Some of them only meet on my party
and some of them became friends too.
This weekend
the invitations must be posted
so "the girls" have time
to think about my question / the theme
What to tell ? to share ?
Wish I could invite you all !

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh my, that does sound like such a lovely party. Altijd gezellig als vriendinnen langs komen, vooral op zo'n speciale dag!

  2. Good morning Francis!
    What a wonderful idea this is... Yes, we all wish we could join in... what a day that would be!

    Your photo is so pretty ~ I'm sure you create such a beautiful day for your friends ... and this beauty comes back to your sweet soul ♥

    Looking forward to hearing all about it~

  3. What a wonderful idea, it sounds like you have such a lovely time.

    Enjoy sending out the invitations, have a beautiful day with lots of happiness. xxx

  4. Sounds like your going to have a wonderful day...x

  5. What fun sweet friend...I love your pitcher..I have the same one.

    Thank you for all the sweet comments you left about my fly away daughter....she is now in Northern England!

    Happy Sunday to you. xoxoxo