zondag 27 februari 2011


Let the sunshine in
just yellow flowers will do .
a lot !
I am NOT looking out my window
all day
I let the rain.....rain.
sunshine in the house !
flowers and cheerful music
amazing tasty yellow cake-baking
sending some beautiful yellow postcards
on its way
into the world
and smile big smiles to
to each and every-one
of YOU

3 opmerkingen:

  1. oh sweet friend...I am still enjoying my sweet little book...it is sitting right next to me and it makes me smile so.

    I am looking outside our window and we have SNOW....tons of it...it is so pretty but all I really want is Spring! Thats ok I am going to try my hand at making snow ice cream today!!! tee hee...sounds funny but I hear it is good.

    Your bright yellows have cheered me up completely today and now I am ready for my cup of morning tea...hugs and love to you sweet friend. xoxoxo

  2. Que color tan maravilloso,feliz seman y saludos desde espaƱa.

  3. Hello my friend!! I received a lovely card from you on Saturday!! Happy to hear you received the funny little package I sent, and am excited that you liked the painted card I made you!! I really enjoy your friendship!! Enjoy the sunshine!!

    xx Rena