dinsdag 1 februari 2011


Oh how I love magazines
Love to look
love to read
love to be inspired
Always a kind of time-out
forgetting everything around me
dreaming away
Cannot throw them away
keeping them
for you never know
I could win the lottery
In the middle of the night I woke up
and it was as if a voice told me
You have to buy a lottery-ticket !
Why did I "dream" ? about that ?
oh yes
in one of the magazines
I red a story
about this man
who went to pray
every day
asking for this
asking for that
and one day
a voice told him
so dream on
or shall I .....

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Now wouldn't that be nice..lovely dream.

    I am a magazine lover as well....I have stacks everywhere....old and new...so many ideas and inspirations...I can not just throw them out.

    Sending you my love today my friend...Happy February! xoxoxox

  2. Hi Francis... I'm with you and Koralee ~ I have magazines that go way back that I just love to revisit. There's something about turning the pages... to "surprises" and ideas.
    I saw your last post too..."Love is in the Air" so wonderful to have a real life Valentine ♥
    I'm so excited for your big family changes coming in May. How wonderful to watch a son become a father.
    ~ A blessed spring is on its way ~
    {hugs to you}

  3. ps. I love this new font on your blog as well as the super pretty photos in your sidebar!