donderdag 22 september 2011

FOR FREE .......

is so generous
above all
this time of the year ....
Take time
to slow down
and look around
enjoy the fall
you all

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh such a pretty image...I love all that Autumn has to offer...this weekend I am going to the pumpkin patch to get as many as I can for my front porch...I have a vintage wheelbarrow I want to fill up. Wishing you a wonderful day my dear friend...thank you for your sweetness and all the joy you bring to us all. xoxoxo

  2. Mother nature really does have the most beautiful images for us this time of year. I love the colors she uses to decorate the earth.

  3. I agree the colors of this season are just gorgeous,and so right you are its all for free this beautiful splendor that God has given us.

    Enjoy your beautiful day!

  4. Oh Francis,
    I love coming over here - everything is so simple and beautiful, and it is all that I love.
    Your Fall picture is so pretty. I will be posting some Fall pics tomorrow. And today I will slow down and look at the beauty around me.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  5. YES! IT IS FOR FREE my precious friend! LET US

    INDULGE in all it's glory, for it is all for US....THANK YOU FOR YOU KIND VISITS MY SWEET FRANCIS!!!! Anita