zaterdag 3 september 2011


Last week
has been so full
of surprises
and my bithday is
but in november !
you never know !
I am so enjoying !
I saw the postman coming
and standing for my mailbox
heard him say
He had put
in the mailbox
of my neighbour
my neighbour
was not at home
so the postman
could not ask it back !
in the evening
neigbour brought me
my mail
postcards from my postcrossing
and other beautiful
old-fashioned mailing beauties .
I love mail !

7 opmerkingen:

  1. WOWOWW! He was a bit besides himself!!!! WOWOW!

    Oh I too got something in the mail from a blogger friend that just filled me with delight. Oh dearest, YOUR BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP????? WHEN??????? Anita

  2. i love mail too, luckily you got yours in the end.

    I also have a November birthday just as we approach summer.

    Happy weekend to you Francis ♥

  3. Hey my mail lady is always giving our mail to our neighbours too...that just happened yesterday again. Maybe that is why the mail is soooooo slow they are always mixing it up!

    Surprises are nice...especially mail surprises.

    Now you have us all wanting to know your Birthday date...please tell! xoxoxoxoox

  4. this is one of my fave posts Francis.....but then again, I love all your posts. It's wonderful having a fall time birthday, don't you agree??? I wish you were here so we could go and make beads together!! xxx Rena

  5. will you please post a photo of what your mail box looks like?? i would love to see. When I was in beautiful Europe......I took photos of many various mail boxes, so different and neat!! I will take a photo of my sad mail will laugh, I promise, you see I "repaired" it last winter when the snow plow truck HIT it!!!

  6. Ha! It's Nov. 2nd! {Very close to mine :o)
    You have a very happy day ~ and all the days should be happy for you my dear!
    God bless you always and keep you in His sweet care ♥

  7. Whoops~ maybe you were supposed to have a encounter with your neighbor. :)