maandag 17 oktober 2011

new friend

This is my new friend !
a present to me
from my friend
 who lives in France .
as I am totaly into
the mouse-mansion-book
I am so glad
to have this new friend.
Sorry I was not here
for a while
But here I am again
so glad you are all still here !
now I am off to read 
what I have missed 
on your blogs !
See you ! 

7 opmerkingen:

  1. What a sweet little friend. And small enough to fit in your pocket and take with you.

  2. Morning joys to you my dear friend...your little mouse is adorable..his tail looks real! Thank you for sharing your special song with me today...LOVE it! Music can add so much to our world. You are such a sweet soul my friend. Hugs.xoxoxo

  3. Hi dear Francis.Im so happy to see your new friend.But you didnt tell us her name.She is probably a squeeky one, but that only means shes talking to you,lol.

    Blessings for a good new week!


    Francis, I am sitting here, loving your sweet post and my husband just handed me the mail....I have a sweet red and white checkered envelope....I must open it....and I know who it is from.

    I just read it. My sweet one, you are so right. SOOOOOOO RIGHT, and the only thing missing for me is the time to enjoy all these things. YOU know what I am going to do? Since my students want to eat lunch with me, I am going to invite those students who need support in their reading to come to see me during their recess and I am going to have them read a play with me. I used to teach theatre, but our new system does not allow me to do it any longer. BUT if we do it during recess, that will feed my soul, their souls and help them read better!

    YOU ARE THE MOST WONDERFUL FRIEND MIJN VRIENDIN! VEEK KUSJES and DANK U VOOR this lovely message. I WANT A MOUSE! Tell me how to order one.....BISES, Anita

  5. P.S. I so love your kindness, and your heart? Healed by the love of your dear, dear Eva....

  6. OH! One more email is no longer working. I lost all my contacts!!!!!

    Here is my new email:

    If you get a chance,email me so I can have your email! BISOUS and I just showed this MOUSE to Ruben; he LOVED HIM!

  7. Your new friend is cute as long as it is not real.