woensdag 26 oktober 2011


The new calendars
for the year 2012
are in the stores now .
always have had
this "thing"
with calendars
and agenda's
I like the LANG-calendar's
always had one in my kitchen
filled with all my things
I had to do
for the children
most of the time
I am living
on my own
Do I need
 a calendar ?
I am going to make sure
I need one
just have to
It's just
a matter of time !
have to make sure
I can fill my calendar
with lots of
pleasant appointments
now the only thing is
which one

6 opmerkingen:

  1. GOEDE MORGEN MIJN LIEVE VRIENDIN!!! How have you been my dear friend? Is Eva with you? Yes, can you believe that the new year will be upon us, and I will have been blogging for FOUR YEARS...throughout this time, I have met the BEST FRIENDS, like YOU, and getting to know you all has been the best TIME, well-spent.

    Off I go to work, to correct 150 spelling tests!!!! And our weather has now turned cold and I am sniffling, so that is a sign that summer IS OVER for us too. But what a glorious one it was.......sending you my love, sweet and BEAUTIFUL FRIEND!!!

    BISOUS, Anita

  2. Hi Francis! I just caught up on your last posts. I've had a terrible sore throat and cough ( Dr. says it's a virus and to rest and drink lots of fluids) It seems to be taking soooo long to go away. ( probably the combination of work and the kitchen project). I took a day off last week but should have taken two! Your calendar post is so true! I just rehung the kitchen calendar last night. I would love to make a new family one. I did this years ago through a photo website. I loved it!
    Wishing you a great day and many opportunities to hug and kiss sweet Eva!
    Blessings always, Maria

  3. Oh yes...you need a calendar...pure joy. I do love my agenda... every year it is Mary Englebriet...they are so pretty to look at. Happy day to you my friend...mine is just starting. xoxoxo

  4. Francis...I love Lang too, here is the funny part, the Lang company is a little over an hour away from me!!! yes....they are located in Delafield Wisconsin!! Do you HAVE your calender yet???? Please DO let me know!!! =) Thank your for the lovely birthday card, so nice of you to remember me!! xxxx

  5. Francis,
    I love calendars and I always have. My kids are grown too, and I still like looking at the birthdays and special occassions coming up. My favorite is Mary Engelbreit calendars because they are so cheerful. Thanks for reminding me. I still need to get a 2012 calendar.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  6. Hoi Francis,
    Ze zijn dit jaar ook weer erg leuk!!!!
    We hebben nog volop keus!!!!! Want ja, welke wordt het????
    Ik ben helemaal geinspireerd geraakt door jouw post over het muizenhuisboek, meteen gekocht en GENOTEN.
    MAARRRRR ik ben net ook mn eigen muizenhuisje weer eens gaan inrichten! ZO LEUK!!!
    Komen foto's op mn blog
    Ik ben via Sjonke's kronkels ook nog op een ander blog gekomen over (niet alleen maar)poppenhuizen en dat was ook ERRUG leuk.
    En ken jij de muizen van Natasha Fadeeva???
    Ik weet niet meer via wie ik op haar blog kwam (toch niet via jou??) maar je moet er even naar kijken!
    Dus bedankt je hebt me weer na een lange tijd op het ienieminie spoor gezet!