maandag 3 oktober 2011

the sleepover

All went well !
The brandnew IKEA babybed
was waiting
Eva's own
sheet and blanket
came with her
I searched for something
to hang on the wall
and than I remembered
My mother
this wonderful
of this mousefamily
living in an old shoe
It was hanging in
my son's  baby-room
and we watched it
over and over
and now it was here
for Eva .
and so was my mother
a little bit
and you know what
slept through the night
just as she does at home !
It all went well
and we are all proud
The young parents
for the very first time
without there little Eva .
All those experiences
are easy forgotten
when life goes on
being a grandmother
it all comes back
I was
so so tired
MEN .......
how did I EVER
manage to have FOUR
That seemed a whole lot easyer
if possible
I wrote everything down
in a little book
Called it
Eva's first sleepover .
put some pictures along
and that was
for her parents
for their 3 year anniversery !
my me time now

5 opmerkingen:

  1. oh Francis what a lovely read today.I can just hear the excitement in your voice.Sounds like Eva and you had a delightful time.How nice she slept through the night for you.I love the picture,how lovely something was your sons now you have it to share with little Eva.

    I remember back when my girls were young and I dont know how I did it either lol.Being a young mommy has its little challenges as well.

    Enjoy your ME time.its most important that we have time for ourselves in order to keep us in good spirits to share in special times with family and friends.

    Have a lovely day dear Francis!

  2. Oh my goodness...this sounds amazing...I am waiting for the day to come when I have a grandbaby! Pure joy. Enjoy your ME is a wet rainy Monday here...enjoying my cozy home! hugs.

  3. Sweet Francis!!!! HOW WONDERFUL THAT YOU HAD A GREAT TIME WITH HER! And your gift of writing and observation is going to really be a great blessing for Eva and her parents. You must have had a wonderful but yes, EXHAUSTING TIME!!!! How are you dear friend? Anita

  4. Hi Francis!
    L O V E
    the idea you had to put it all in a scrapbook for Eva's parents!
    Such a sweet idea! It's such a gift when someone else records "history" for you... I just ordered so many prints of our trip to Austin... now, it's time for putting them in albums.

    I'm enjoying all the little surprises in your sidebar these days, Francis! There's always a new photo to spot!

    Have a wonderful week dear ♥

  5. Hi Francis,
    How very sweet...your scrapbook idea, and remembering that you had that cute picture that your mom embroidered to hang for her visit. Very lovely! You are such a good grandma...:) I am glad that your sleepover with your adorable Eva turned out so memorable. May God continue to bless you with many more.

    Have a wonderful day!