donderdag 8 december 2011

* H * O * P * E *

I hesitated for a while
if I should share
with you
what is happening
in my life
the last few weeks .
Well I cannot hold it back
It's in my life now
and it's for REAL
My beautiful daughter
who is only 27 years young
had a little lumb in her breast.
She went to the hospital
and they told her
not to worrie
at all
completely innocent
and it could stay or
she could have it removed.
She did not like the idea
so she decided to have it removed
by a plastic surgeon
the operation went well
and she was relieved.
Than the surgeon called
and told it was a
malignant tumour
From that moment
life changed
For her of course
but also for me
for her sister and her brothers
for the family
and her friends
 had to be removed
and also
the gatekeeper gland
this scenario
for my child
is a very happy person
and there is always light where she appears
and laughter
and she has lots of friends.
So immidiately
the house was filled with friends
at first in shock and crying
but SHE turned that around
She was brave
all the time
and now she only has
one breast .
We are so glad
the gatekeeper gland
The next step is chemo therapy
and the conversations about that
are next week .
I did not know
how to blog and not tell
now you know
and I can
blog again
I really missed you
Hope you are
save and well

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Jeetje wat erg zeg!
    Heel veel kracht en sterkte toegewenst maar dat zal zo te lezen met al die lieve mensen om haar heen wel goed komen!

  2. Oh Francis,
    I am crying now. I don't even have the words to tell you how very sorry I am for your beautiful daughter. My heart goes out to you and your family, and as soon as I close here, I will say a prayer for her. What you must be going through, my sweet dear friend. Please tell her I love her strength, and may God watch over her always.
    My sincere thoughts are with you,
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  3. Lieve Francis, wat een heftig bericht. Hoe zwaar voor je dochter en jullie die om haar heen staan...natuurlijk stond je hoofd niet naar bloggen maar fijn dat je het met ons wilt delen. Heel heel veel sterkte en kracht voor jullie allemaal. Lieve groet

  4. I have missed you so much my dear dear friend; I hope you got my short but sincere emails. She is a bright and shining light. She has been given the grace to smile, to carry on and be strong. That is something none of us could imagine, but by miracle, it can happen. It has happened, and you have her, and she has you...what more could anyone want. We care for you dearest and sweetest friend.....I am so glad you are back to say a word to us....much love and tight squeezes, Anita

  5. Ach Francis. Ik ben verloren in mijn woorden. Mijn gedachten zijn met jou en je dochter, en natuurlijk de hele familie. Heel veel lieve groetjes in deze tijd xxxx

  6. Just strolling by to make sure everyone is well. GROSSES BISES MA CHÈRE FRANCIS! Anita

  7. Hi Francis!
    I have been thinking of you and have kept sweet Elizabeth in prayer every day...I am so very glad that the gland was free of cancer.
    The reconstructive surgery they do now is amazing. Elizabeth will grow to be a strong woman and will be a comfort to others...
    My sister-in-law experienced the same diagnosis 28 years ago... She was only 24. She is still with us... vibrant, loving, confident and the mother of three {my beautiful nieces and nephew} Her youngest will graduate from college this January!
    I will continue to keep you all in prayer... and especially Elizabeth ~ praying for ease and comfort as she proceeds with her treatment.
    God bless you all
    ♥ Maria
    ps. Francis, Elizabeth is so blessed to have you as her loving, caring mother ♥

  8. Sweet have been in my prayers. Thinking of you all and your darling to you.

  9. I am writing this through tears. I hope and pray all will be right in your world very soon. I will follow on my way out so as I can come back and check on you. Take Care, sending lots of love blogger style. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  10. Oh dear Francis,I didnt know about this.I had to scroll down to find out what I was missing.You and your lovely daughter will be in my prayers always.God Bless you both.You know she is the same age as my youngest.We as mothers never can imagine it happening to our children can we.We would rather take it upon ourselves.But God does know whats best and for what reason.Much love and hugs to you both.

    Im away for the holidays now,see you when I return,if you would need to talk please email!

  11. I'm praying for Elisabeth God bless all of you during this difficult time. Hugs, Jennifer