zaterdag 24 december 2011

OH NO ........

I do not know about you
but I am not so smart
with all the new
A month ago
my oldest son gave me
an IPhone .
Yes !
so I can receive
photo's and video's
from EVA my granddaughter
He can send them to me
So I had to learn
to have an IPhone
as a phone
all the other options
there are to use
something happened
My phone
got on the blink
and here I was
not knowing what to do
my first reaction in such cases
is always
call my son .
without my phone
no calling !
I do still have
a house phone
but hey I do not have
all the mobile numbers
They are all
in my Iphone !
I cannot reach any-one
In my old=fashioned
Handwritten addresses
but no mobile numbers
from my children .
I send an email
to my son and hey
he reads his mail
on his IPhone
he called me on the house-phone
I am SO going to write down
all the numbers
How about you ?

5 opmerkingen:

  1. MY DARLING ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhh, I have an iphone, and if someone leaves me a message, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO CHECK MY MESSAGES!!!!!!!! How about that?

    I am like you. At school, I grade BY HAND. I keep all my grades in a book, handwritten. All my younger colleagues use an electronic grading system. POOOO! I refuse!

    HOW ARE YOU? HOW IS E.? COME BY, please, please come to visit me! You will see me as a child of 7 years old.


  2. My dearest one.

    YOU express yourself SO beautifully. Even in the midst of frustration, you tell THE TRUTH so vividly, and that is what makes THE WORDS WE LOVE come alive in each of our hearts. I am blessed, I am AMAZED of what you expressed as A MOTHER. OVERWHELMED, "UNPREPARED" according to what THE MARKET dictates, but then you came to see what MY MOTHER GAVE ME many, many years ago. You may find yourself in the same position today. But in many years to come, MY PRAYER is that your children will see "THE CORE" of your heart: LOVE. That is the only thing that will keep us ALIVE. Yes, we have duties, we have deadlines to meet, we have much to do. But to do it all in love is never a waste. I so hope you got my greeting card; I TOO AM JOYFULLY OVERWHELMED by the love that has been sent to me from The Netherlands, Canada, England, ALL OVER THE USA...and I could ONLY send out but a few gifts and cards....I know I sent you at least a card. With my job and money limits, it has been hard. I understand my parent's situation now, for it is not easy to make all the MATERIAL dreams come true. But one thing I DO KNOW: Love is free and is the most abundant resource in the universe.


  3. Oh Francis,
    This made me laugh so, because I have an old fashioned address book too, I still send out handwritten cards, I have the old photo albums that I keep my treasured photos in. I am like you, still learning on the computer and with other things, but I will never give up some of the old ways, as I think they are beautiful and make us interact with eachother in a wonderful way. I do like e-mails, though, and often send little humorous notes to friends and family. Merry Christmas to you and Elisabeth!
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. Merry Christmas dear ♥
    Peace and Joy and Family
    Three beautiful words!
    ps. Wishing you good luck with your phone! Those iPhones are certainly amazing!