vrijdag 30 december 2011

If only......

In the weeks before
when so much was
changed in our lifes
I longed for
just watching a movie
in the evening
Watching a movie
can be so comforting
( for  me it is )
I did not know why
I wanted to see
I believed the film
was in my house
and I started to look
but no no no
the longer it took
the harder I wanted to see it
So I was in the store
to buy one
but again not to be found
the longer it took
the harder I realy wanted
to see this movie
I asked everyone
and than my daugther Anna said
we do have the movie
but on video
and we cannot watch video's
because we watch dvd's now
oh oh oh
I gave up
Next year !
and than
my girls went to the hospital
because Elisabeth
had to have an echo
because she is going
to have her eggs harvested
to be frozen.
and after the hospital/echo
they went for lunch
they found me

I watched
and oh that feels
All will be well for us too !
If only .....
all was behind us
we have faith

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Francis,
    I know what you mean because I have alot of wonderful movies, and now everything is DVD. Luckily, Nel bought me a DVD/VCR player this Christmas, and with it the movie 'Breakfast At Tiffany's.' Oh Francis, I love that movie, and I think you might enjoy it too! 'You've Got Mail' is a charming movie also. Please tell Elisabeth I am thinking about her and give her a big New Years hug from me.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  2. Hallo Francis,
    Het is ook zo'n geweldige feel-good-film. Wat fijn dat je meiden hem hebben gevonden voor je...
    Houdt die gedachte vast; All will be well...
    Ik wens jou en je gezin een fijne jaarwisseling en daarna alleen maar goeds en moois in 2012...
    Lieve groet,

  3. Good morning my dear, dear friend.

    Isn't it just that way? When I am looking for a favorite movie in our pile of DVDs, I can never ever find it! THEN IT MAKES YOU WANT MORE!!! But isn't that like life? I pray that your girls will have nothing but joy and hope in their lives and as you, leur mère, that you will envelope them in the source that IS NEVER LOST IN THE PILE....LOVE.

    Love to YOU my friend! Anita