donderdag 21 februari 2013


Quilt strolls on moonlit nights
a playgrounds endless laughter
blooming roses in the spring
the glow the morning after

walking barefoot in the grass
a poem that makes you cry
the feel of silk upon your skin
an eagle when it flies

love songs on the radio
old couples holding hands
new born kittens nursing
enthusiastic fans

sitting on a porch swing
sipping lemonade
admiring the beauty
in all that God has made

watching for a shooting star
a breeze that cools things down
the first snow of winter
a night out of town

little acts of kindness
a loving word or two
simple things to treasure
these things I wish for you

author unknkown

Just to wish you all
some musing time
sitting with your coffee
or tea
and doing nothing
just let it be 

I will do that too 
and who knows
somewhere in time and space
our thoughts can meet 


4 opmerkingen:

  1. I wish the same for you precious friend. I will be on vacation in just one week, and I plan on doing JUST THIS on the beach. Love to you through the miles....Anita

  2. They met - Our thoughs and blessings will warm both...

    At times, a "stranger" puts into words what your heart is speaking - lovely words can bring inspiration or consolation. Your words of blessing (it sounds an Irish Blessing) and inspirational quotations helps kindness bloom in MY HEART.

    Thank you, Dear Francis!

  3. Thank you for the poem today, Francis. It's simple, thoughtful, and right up my alley, as we say. hehehe

    I love the part of old couples holding hands. That's always nice to see.


  4. The poem is very vey beatiful!
    great blog!

    we can follow each other!

    I am following you now, please follow back