zondag 17 februari 2013

in my heart

How about you ?
are you aware of
what's in YOUR heart ?

I told you about 
my friend
who has received
and got a new chance 
to live longer

before the operation
I was thinking more  and more
about how my life would be
without my friend
and that thought made me
sad very very sad.

Growing older
loosing people
becomes more and more

At first I could only think
about the lost
and the missing

I know 
since the operation
all has changed
something else has changed too

By letting in my feelings
and taking myself seriously
wonderful happened

I realised 
the people you have 
closed in your heart
they stay there
for ever 

I carry their heart
with me
I carry it 
in my heart 

I know that 
better than before 

Happy new week 
to all of you 


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautifully said my dear, BEAUTIFULLY pondered.

    It is true. Love never leaves us. Only a body, a touch, all the things we know about the BODY that housed the spirit. But that spirit can never die. I believe it, I see it in how life and love works. I know you see it too.

    Thank you mijn lieve vriendin, ZUSJE for coming to visit today. Our winter day too is sunny, calm, and later today, I will take my tea to sit down and write. I am so happy for you that you are finding your voice, a gift that only gets better as WE DO GROW OLDER. Here is to growing UP.

    Much love, Anita

  2. Oh, just before I saw your post, I too was wondering about my next post and this very subject of which I speak in my comment. The possibilities before us in life make for a good moment of writing, don't they?

  3. The heart can hold lots...your words are lovely today and I know they come right from your heart my friend. May your week be filled with joy and sunshine {we have been having lovely spring days} I am filling the next 3 days with my daughter Molly...she leaves on Thursday. oxox

  4. I learned that people close to us don't really go away when they pass away
    my mother died 9 years ago but she still lives in my heart and most probably in my consciousness because in my dreams at night she's still there. And of course the beautiful memories we had of her are remembered forever.