woensdag 10 april 2013

always look at the bright side of life

it's often 
the small things
that make me

like this 
little beach house
in the most happy blue !

You know
when it's there
when it goes 
from your eyes
to your heart and soul 

for all
of you 


5 opmerkingen:

  1. Lovely! Happy memories, our family had a beach hut on the south coast when we were little!

  2. Reacties
    1. Always is probably non-advisable. But look mostly and more often at the bright side. At the hopeful side.
      Yesterday I read an article that said that being negative can be good for us. Sometimes. For some. It was a refreshing reading because the world is contrary to the idea of letting us be. If we're sad, if we're doubtful immediately someone comes and criticizes and won't let you be... it's good to know that it is as normal as being happy, positive etc.
      Happy surprises to you too.

  3. Good morning my dear one! I must have missed this post yesterday AFTER I left for school! Oh yes, the little things in life add up to be the greater lessons that travel with us, and stay with us. Thank you so much for coming to comment on my post; that is me in the little blue coat, so long ago, yet so close in my memory. I hope that some of my cultural experiences were not too far away from your own experience, maybe inabling you from understanding. But my childhood was rich with our Spanish culture and language and it was all so special.

    Here is to SPRING and the promise it holds and KEEPS. LOVE TO YOU FRANCIS! Anita

  4. This little house is so lovely...thank you for sharing. Colour does always catch my eye.
    Sorry I have not visited for a while...I have been at home nursing a very bad back. Too hard to sit at the computer or really do anything. Thinking of you always...even when I don't visit. Make it a good day. xox