vrijdag 19 april 2013

coming up soon

'The time has come,'
 the walrus said,
 'to talk of many things
: of shoes and ships
 - and sealing wax -
 of cabbages and kings.'

Lewis Carroll
April  30 
will step down
and her son will be our KING .

for 33 years she was our Queen
and she was a very good one .
now it's time for the next generation
she said in her speech .

I feel with her 
being a grandmother now
and I also stepped down .........

That's life


4 opmerkingen:

  1. FRANCIS! THERE YOU ARE! I have missed your posts mijn vriendin! Queen Beatrix was a lovely queen and now you will have a king! I love that cupcake!

    Yes, life is as such, isn't it? We all have our time in the spotlight in some capacity, but then it is time to step away...but when we are in that light, we can teach the young ones to find their way. You can still do it; you have the gift.

    Hugs to you from a very snowy Minnesota! Anita

  2. Alle vertrouwen in de nieuwe koning en het wordt vast een mooie dag op 30 april, ik heb er zin in! Lieve groet

  3. It will strange for us here in England too, when we sing God Save the KING, after 60+ years of having a Queen. How nice Queen B chose the official Royal Birthday to pass on to the Crown Prince. May he be a popular and serene monarch, like his Mother and Grandmother.Lovely patriotic cake! Perhaps I am a little bit Dutch in my ancestry - I love the colour orange!

  4. What a glorious day this must be for all of you. I remember that orange is your color too, which in my opinion, is one of the happiest colors of all.

    Have a fun weekend, Francis.

    ~Me :~)