maandag 1 april 2013


Waking up


I love the morning-light .


these pieces of jewellery
are traditional
for a part of Holland
they belong to the
traditional costumes
now belonging to the past.

I inherited some
from my mother
and keep them in a box 


and than I saw this
in a magazine 
old into new
and I realised this morning
waking up 
the sun already shining
my life is 
some old and some new too

For long
there was much more old
and little bits of new

there is a part old
but so much space
for new

to you 
first APRIL week


8 opmerkingen:

  1. Lovely your mother was grandmother was too...she was born in Middelburg.
    Ik ga er minstens twee keer per jaar heen om het geboortehuis van mijn oma te bezoeken..dat kan.want er zit nu een restaurant in.!!

    Fijne dag..

  2. Lovely jewellery! Really unusual! Enjoy wearing it!!

  3. Mooi! En wat een bijzondere herinnering. Er komt vast weer heel veel nieuws op je pad, lieve groet

  4. Precious friend! I see mijn zuster, THE DUTCHESS, was here!

    The first thing that came to my mind as I read your post here, is that you have a POETIC touch to your writing. May the old merge with the new, as you find your gifts every day.You are wonderful mijn vriendin.

    I am taking comments again, if you ever want to come by.

    HUGS! Anita

  5. Francis,
    This is lovely jewelry, and how special it is coming from your mother.

    Happy first day of April! Here, on April 1, it is called 'April Fools Day.' It is when we play a joke on someone, and laugh about it later.

    It's nice to combine the old and the new in life.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  6. Special friend,

    DANK U for coming to leave me a message. My "restlessness" is simply that action that comes from WANTING to make the right changes to help me on a new path. My "new path" includes making more time to read and write for publishing purposes, and I thought that saving time by not having comments would be part of allowing myself that extra time I need. But PEOPLE, FRIENDS, SISTERS IN SPIRIT are like the air we breathe; we need each other.

    So change is in the air, but the love of friends is just as or even so, MORE important. Much love to you dearest Francis! Anita

  7. Prachtige herinneringen aan je moeder Francis en de rijke Zeeuwse geschiedenis!

    Madelief x

  8. Oh my friend...I have been so bad not visiting you week has been filled with so many emotions and very busy getting back into the teaching LIFE. One of our sweet colleagues passed away on Tuesday and so it has been a sad week for us all at school.She was so loved by all of the students and staff. She had been fighting cancer for a while.

    Sending you oodles of Love for a wonderful weekend. xoxoxo