zaterdag 21 januari 2012

for all of you ........

The promise
in the flower-bulbs
this time of the year
an inspiration for me
I love the
grape hyacinths

wish I could send you all
a tray like this
So much is happening
so much I could not have
ever imagened
Elisabeth came home
from the hospital
and the collapsed lung
is well now .
She was so glad to be home !
and I was afraid
every day
she would loose her
beautiful long hair
and than
I came downstairs
for my morning coffee ! !
and there was a note .
( she always leaves me notes )
dear mommy
do not scare
but my hair is gone
and it's not so bad at all
I do not know how long I stood there
but finally I made my coffee..............
she was still sleeping
and I did not want to wake her
because she has trouble sleeping
each night .......
so I waited
and wondered
why was I so afraid
for this to happen
Elisabeth surprised me
each and every time
by her positive attitude
that's how she was and is
and than I heard footsteps
and there she was
and wearing a grey woollen hat.
when she noticed
it had begun
she called a friend
who is bold as bold can be
He always shaves his own head
and she asked him
to help her .
All this happened
in the night
while I was sleeping
and than she
did the hat off
and there she was
her face smiling
her eyes even more speaking
bold as can be
I gave a kiss
on the top !
why was I so afraid
for this to happen
Here she was
telling it had been cold
in the night
on her head !
even wearing the hat !
She had been shopping
for cotton hat's
to wear at night
and found them
on the baby-section !
After showering she told me
she was done so much faster !
and I
I am so relieved
now we move foreward
and only have
five more chemo's
to go
I felt so helpless
the nights she was so sad
and crying for all her losts
her breast
her boyfriend/relation
so heartbroken
and no one could help her
she had to do that part
all on herself
but when the night is gone
and a new day arrived
she always is 
as bright as the new day 
the future 
is promissing 
as the grape hyacinths
for all of us 

11 opmerkingen:

  1. What a beautifully written post my dear one. The best writing in my opinion, comes from the heart. First of all, thank you for coming to visit me. It means a lot to me to know that even in the middle of your life, you take the time to visit. I am always looking for your new posts because I just adore you. Your kindness reaches the long miles over the ocean, and I can only imagine that Elisabeth and others in your life are so BLESSED to have you so near. Your words to me this morning are words of WISDOM and LOVE and I so embrace them to be what I need to do in my busy life at school. THANK YOU for gently reminding me in this post that like the bulb, we hold so many promises of creative love for each day. Please give your beautiful daughter a HUGE HUG for me? Her beautiful hair will grow like the grape hyachinth to beautiful lengths of new glory....but in the meantime, take those moments of HER SUNSHINE and smile and most of all COURAGE, and WRITE ABOUT write so beautifully my dear one.

    BISOUS! Anita

  2. Thank you for visitng, Francis. When I see your name pop up on my page, it warms my heart. I think of you and your "beautiful brave Elisabeth" each day and I pray each day too. Close friends of mine are praying too and they have asked me for updates so I am very glad that you have shared this today.
    Everything that Elisabeth has lost along this journey, God will use for His glory. She is not alone. He is with her although at times, especially now, it may seem as though He is not. She will be an even more beautiful and brave Elisabeth, full of more compassion and grace than she probably already has, especially for others who walk the path she is now walking.
    The message of those flowers is one of hope. Keep your eyes fixed on the flowers.
    Warm hugs to both of you, my friend.

  3. Francis, I couldn't resist stopping by again after reading my bloggy neighbor's post. Her name is Becky and she shared some of her journey of hope here:
    I think it will bless you to read it.
    Hugs again.

  4. Oh sweet friend....your writing says it all today. Your sweet Elisabeth is so brave and inspires us all. And You are such a dear mother...always waiting for her and giving her the room she needs to accept things on her own time. Your sweet hyacinths give us all hope {they are my favourite flower too...I planted so many in my garden last fall...can't wait for them to pop up this spring!} Soon it will be spring and your sweet daughters hair will grow back along with her sweet spirit x100!
    Hugs of love to you both today. xoxoxooxoxoxox

  5. Wat is ze stoer om dit te doen.
    En het leven is niet eerlijk maar geniet van de mooie momenten! Ook tussen al het verdriet is er een zonnestraal, glimlach en een blauwe druif!En een kus op een mooi koppie!

  6. Dear Francis,
    With or without hair, Elisabeth is beautiful. You both are going through so much right now, yet you keep smiling and keep the light that shines in your heart. You are lovely ladies, indeed. Please show this poem to Elisabeth. It is for her and you.

    This morning when I wakened
    And saw the sun above,
    I softly said,
    Good Morning, Lord,
    Bless everyone I love!"
    Right away I thought of you
    And said a loving prayer
    That He would bless you specially
    And keep you free from care!
    I thought of all the happiness
    A day could hold in store;
    I wished it all for you because
    No one deserves it more!
    I felt so warm and good inside
    My heart was all aglow..
    I know God heard my prayer for you
    He hears them all you know!

    Author Unknown

    Thinking of you both so much.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  7. Lieve Francis,
    Wat vind ik jou en je dochter allebei ontzettend dapper, want jullie gaan dit wel helemaal samen aan. Dit avontuur, want zo kun je het ook zien natuurlijk... Na zoveel tegenslagen, en nog zoveel narigheid in het verschiet vind ik het geweldig dat jullie toch weer kunnen genieten van een nieuwe dag en van iets moois, zoals deze blauwe druifjes... Ik heb hier ook blauwe druifjes in een schaal staan en bij deze noem ik ze naar jullie; By Surprise!
    Ik wens jullie sterkte, en heel veel liefs,

  8. Goodmorning Francis.Im so sorry to hear about Elisabeth but her spirits seem so high and positive I dont think theres a worry in the world.Keep being positive for her and that will make such positive results in this battle.God Bless and give her hugs from me.

    I too love grape hyacinths, they grow out front of my house with the roses.I cant wait til springtime when they come up.


  9. Hi Francis, I am sitting here amazed at your beautiful, beautiful spirit. I can feel the live and hope and faith although we are mikes and miles apart. So much love, hugs and prayers are sent your way every day. You are so thought of --- as is beautiful Elizabeth. She is so wise to have called a friend who shaves his head! That was perfect! I can tell she has inherited her mother's sweet and creative disposition.
    Francis, you and Elizabeth will continue to be in my prayers.
    Stay strong.
    Stay joyful.
    Keep your ability to smile and laugh.
    Believe Our Creator is with you, always,

  10. {sorry for all my typing mistakes. My screen keeps freezing and I couldn't go back to retread and edit. Bless you dear heart. }

  11. Oh, Francis, I am so sorry to hear about your beautiful daughter, but, at the same time, I want to congratulate you and Elizabeth for being so brave. You are both blessed by having each other (is that right?, sorry , my English is rusty), two special women.
    Like Maria, I'm absolutely sure that you two are not alone, we can feel the light through your incredibly beautiful words.
    I never sleep without say a prayer, so, from now on, you and Elizabeth will be part of it.
    Warm hugs to you.