woensdag 25 januari 2012

* a little * a lot *


found this with Anna
I am so grateful to be able
to visit so many inspiring friends
all over the world .
the comments on my blog
I sometimes find difficult to read almost
because they are
I always think : Oh my
I am also
I guess we all have this
what's true
I am being more ME than ever
sounds strange perhaps
but it is as
everything I learned
from life
from living my life
now has come
( found this word in my dictionary )
I mean all comes together
All my life I have loved
 I became a mother
so often I wished
I could keep
a special moment
in a little matchbox
and be able to
only now-and-then
have a glimps
feel the feeling

also from
and than ....go on
Maybe I am talking
( dictionary ?)
it feels
like the boxes
are all still here
in me
like happy bookmarks
reminding me
if I should have forgotten
of course all this
is working because
of all the help
 my friends
my family
 all of you
have a beautiful day
well you know !

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Dear one, you mean so much to me.

    I hope that you know how much you have moved me to see how WONDERFUL people can be. Through difficulties, you have shown us how to PRESS ON and continue to live with a positive attitude. Your family will never forget what you have done for them, AND I AM SURE that they too have little "matchboxes" hidden in their hearts that they open and will continue to open, to remember their MOEDER and all the kind things you have done for them.

    BE WELL, WE CARE, AND YOU are a wonderful writer my dearest! Anita

  2. My thoughts are with you all the time, and your comments are so much loved.
    I wish you balance and joy. Especially joy, lots of it, because you deserve so much of it. xxxx

  3. Wat heerlijk dat op het juiste moment je al je ervaringen en gevoelens in kunt zetten voor iets bijzonders....lieve groet

  4. My little matchbox is my journals that I write in. I think you would love to write in a journal, Francis. Then, you could always go back to that place and see what you wrote years later. You have so many beautiful thoughts and everyday happenings that would fill a journal with magic. Have a beautiful day too.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  5. Hallo Francis,
    Wat zou dat toch mooi zijn, als je even in een dip zit, of langer in een grote dip zit, om dan even een doosje te kunnen openen met mooie vrolijke gevoelens, zodat je het weer een tijdje aan kunt. Maar eigenlijk doe je dat al, je hersenen fungeren ook als doosjes. Neem af en toe even de tijd om terug te denken aan mooie momenten, dan komen de bijbehorende gevoelens er vanzelf bij...
    Ik wens jullie zoveel sterkte... Jullie doen het goed!

  6. Good evening beautiful friend,

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. That is the most abundant source in EXISTENCE and I believe with all my heart that it will never ever run out. IT IS FOREVER. And once we have it, we are locked in its gentle embrace forever.

    Have a glorious time creating LOVE!!! Anita

  7. ahhhhhhhh, Francis, I knew right away that was a piece of dear dear Anna's amazing art.....that fills our heart with such a warm feeling. I am sure I can speak for all of your blog readers that you are in our thoughts and prayers...daily. You and dear Elisabeth. I hope you are both able to find peaceful moments each and everyday...to just "be"... Love to you, and so so many hugs my dear.....
    Always, Rena

  8. Such a wonderful post today my friend...love does make the world go round..you have lots of dear friends that love you. I just know you are creating something special for Valentines day..did you know that this is my favourite celebration...a time to celebrate LOVE!!! Take care dear one xoxoxoxoxo

  9. Mijn vriendin,

    I will come via email my dear one. Oh how my heart hurts for you. Anita

  10. Such a beautiful post! I especially love that first quote!

  11. Oh, Francis, I stopped by to tell you I was thinking of you and here you are encouraging me. You are so special and I am so grateful that we connected.
    Love Elisabeth's new look, she actually looks exactly as you describe her further down your sidebar, beautiful and brave.
    I am and will continue praying.
    Love and blessings, my friend...and a hug too. :)