woensdag 1 februari 2012

* E * V * A *

Long time ago
Long before Eva was born
Long before we knew a boy / or a girl ?
I won
THE CUTEST cuddle coat
from Bunnies by the bay .
It was send to me in a
surprising parcel
all the way over the ocean .
From the very first moment
I was in love
and I have showed it
to everyone
long before my first grandchild was born.
Here she is
the most beautiful
She is our sunshine
and oh how I love
to be A grandmother
HER grandmother .
Happy joy to you

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Hoi Francis,

    En wat een mooi kind is het toch... Daar ben je natuurlijk heel trots op en gelukkig mee. Dat is toch helemaal logisch... Het jasje is ook zo lief, met die grappige bunny-oortjes.
    Ik wens je een heel fijne middag nog,
    Lieve groet,

  2. Francis, ik zie nu pas de foto van je dochter helemaal bovenaan... wat dapper is ze toch, dat ze zo ook op de foto wilde en nog wel zo pront op je blog... Geweldig mens is ze... en jij ook..

  3. Hi Francis!Oh she looks adorable,so sweet.I had a coat like that for my girls long time back.It is so soft and they feel so cuddly in it.Blessings to you!

  4. ahhhhhhhhh, this photo is PRICELESS! as Eva herself is....So so so cute!!! My heart is filled up with joy
    looking at this photo!

    Your daughter is so beautiful, with our with out hair,
    she really is beautiful...

    Love to you,

  5. Oh sweet one she is beautiful and so is your Elisabeth!!!!! Thank Elisabeth for inspiring us all through her lovely photo!
    Now to answer your question about the bunnies by the bay...I would think you just go to their website...there is a contact email you could let her know that way as I could not find her other email address on my account. Hugs for a great day...it's February dear one!!!!

  6. Francis,
    That bunny coat is so sweet and soft. And I see beautiful Elisabeth on your side bar. Can I just tell you that all your red and pink hearts on your side bar and Eleanor Roosevelt's quote just made my day!
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  7. OH I AM SO LATE, but never ever too late to see a little pink bunny come my way! SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! How are you dear friend? I am busy, but happy to come to visit and see such beauty. Anita

  8. Simply adorable. :) Joy personified. Thank you for sharing her with us, Francis.

  9. Eva is beautiful! Thank you for sharing this picture!

  10. I used to go to Bunnies by the Bay all the time. We lived in Vancouver, and when the tulips were in full bloom, we would cross the border and drive to La Conner. Bunnies by the Bay was one of our favourite spots to shop. My daughter now 23 has many photos of the famous store.
    What a wonderful gift from Koralee.