vrijdag 24 februari 2012

letter a letter

To send
a letter
a good way
to go somewhere
without moving anything

Phylilis Theroux
every time
mister postman
brings me a letter
my heart
wish you
happy letters too !

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Francis!That is so fun getting mail isnt it.Enjoy!I love getting mail from far away.


  2. This is one of the greatest pleasures Internet couldn´t steal, a letter.
    But, sadly, I receive only a few. I had an aunt who used to send me beautiful letters, but now she´s gone and with her this delicate habit of sending the most lovely words is gone too.
    Now you gave me ideas, I´ll start writing letters to my friends instead of sending them e mails, let´s see how they will react.
    Wish you a happy weekend.

  3. ahhhhh yes, receiving a hand written letter is such an unexpected gift really. Someone found time in their busy life to sit...and write their thoughts and feelings down to you...no one else but you, it wasn't mass produced, just a simple quiet time between you and a friend, again, such a gift. Days, weeks, months down the road....you can pick up that same letter, read it again, and feel that same warmth in your heart you felt upon first reading it......and with all that, it took no electricity. (but on the same note....I am so very grateful for the internet, for it has brought the most genuine and beautiful spirits into my life......you Francis are such a dear treasured friend) xxxxxhugs to you and your beautiful daughter!!!! R

  4. a letter in
    my mailbox
    is a gift
    for that day!
    makes me so
    xxx hugs

  5. Oh Francis,
    I love sending letters and I love receiving them. I just got a letter from my 84 year aunt and was overjoyed to read it. I send her cards and pictures now and then. This quote by Phyllis is beautiful, and guess what? My aunt's name is Phyllis too. Most people don't send cards, letters, or notes anymore, and I really love a hand written letter in the mail. A special special post today, Francis.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley