maandag 27 februari 2012

Happy Holland

Love my coffee
and love my mugs
Love to live
in Holland
do you love
you live
where you are ?

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Kan me geen betere plek wensen! Fijne dag en lieve groet

  2. Oh yes dear one....LOVE the west coast of Canada! But there are so many lovely day I will get to HOLLAND! Hugs and happy coffee drinking day. xo

  3. Yes Francis,
    I love California. You've heard the saying 'sunny California?' Where I'm at, it is mostly warm weather, but I dream of a California home in the mountains one day where I could get some snow too. I'm glad you love where you live. It would be such fun to visit you.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. Oh my beloved one, I LOVE WHERE I LIVE!!!!!!!! But I sure would love to see where YOU LIVE and LOVE.....because you bring sunshine to all who meet you and I just think Dutch bloggers are some of the nicest people. But I love you all....and dear one, your door is open. Just walk through it. Your spring is in your soul.

    LOVE TO YOU ALL! Anita

  5. Hi Francis!
    Oh my goodness, I'm looking at Eva in her adorable cuddle coat!
    So adorable!
    I've been enjoying your Pinterest photos of Holland and have saved a few of them for my own ♥ They are so lovely.

    I also enjoy my coffee ... first thing in the morning and then tea the rest of the day.
    Of course, if someone is brewing a cuppa coffee ~ oh the aroma! so wonderful!

    I do enjoy my area of the US, but I am LOVING it that we have not had a lot of snow. We are getting a some snow tomorrow ~ I hope not too much!
    I enjoyed your previous posts, Francis! You are so talented at matching beautiful words with meaningful photos.
    God bless you dear ♥

  6. Well hello to my new friend in Holland. I'm from Eastern Canada. Ontario, Canada. I live on a pretty little river in a little pink cottage. I'm Anita's friend, and Sheri's friend. I also know Carolie from where I used to live... B.C. Canada. I must have found you thru Red Rose Alley.
    So glad you have your daughter back home with you. How nice to have tea together. Sweet little Eva. So sweet.
    I did enjoy looking at all your bicycle pics also. How fun. We have one of the worlds longest skating rinks in the world here in Ottawa. We also snowmobile on our river.
    I'm ready for spring now. Anytime is a good time.
    Happy Tuesday Francis
    Love Claudie
    P.S. I'm not sure if you know, but you have 'double word" verification on. You don't need it since blogger screens all our spam. Just thought you would like to know. xo