woensdag 8 februari 2012

love is in the air ........

you all

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  1. Ach, wat is deze lief...
    Dank je wel, dat jij ook maar heel veel liefde mag voelen vandaag, en alle dagen...

  2. YES DEAREST, YES! And may you feel it as you continue to GIVE IT OUT!!! THINKING OF YOU MY DEAR FRIEND! Anita

  3. Beautiful quote, I agree with Pooh.
    Have a day fool of love.

  4. Hi Francis,I have this on my blog I adore Pooh.

  5. this is adorable Francis!
    much love to you today xxx
    BEAR HUGS ~victoria~

  6. Dank je voor je lieve berichtje, Francis en je beterschapswens. Wat fijn dat je meiden ondanks alles wat er speelt toch zo ondernemend zijn! Wat zul je een trotse moeder zijn...lieve groetjes

  7. Yes I do, Francis. It's exuding from your blog and into my heart.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  8. Oh my this is adorable!!!!! I love pooh bear..he is always so wise and so cute at the same time. Hugs dear one. xoxxoxo

  9. Hi Francis!
    This is so sweet!
    I'm enjoying all your beautiful photos in the side bar! Your photos of Eva {and the adorable ones of Eva wearing her bibs} are precious!
    I'm feeling a big hug here... from you and all our dear friends who visit ♥ Pooh bear knows just how to explain things ~
    blessings to you always,

  10. Good morning dearest Francis,
    Thank you for coming to visit me. I so love your world here and these mice on the right hand side of me are just SO ADORABLE with their pointy red hats. I hope and pray with all my heart that your dear Elisabeth is making progress towards health, and YOU YOU YOU have given out so much love. That love will never return VOID to you, ever. And you mentioned that you had a life once with the father of your children...yes....and like you said, he did give you precious gifts and that is YOUR CHILDREN. AND NOW, your beautiful SON has given you Eva. Human love is never perfect, but there is ONE love that will never fail us. I think you know. You are a precious friend, and I extend my heart to you on this special occasion of acknowledging the good in everyone. Bless you dear heart...Anita