donderdag 10 mei 2012

How about ......

You need only claim
the events of your life
to make yourself yours .

Florida Scott Maxwell
We alter our lives 
by the opinions we hold of them.
If we see ourselves as daring,
we will dare.
We can change our lives
by changing our perceptions.
We can identify
those plots and patterns
we wish to alter.
While it is important
to have the faculty
of self-scrutiny ,
it is equally important
to have the gift 

We can identify
and cherish
those character traits
which are our STRENGTHS.

I acknowledge and appreciate 
my own accomplishments
and talents.

I note
 when I do well 
and applaud myself 
for my merits.

Such self-appraisal
is not mere narcissism.
It is the bedrock 
of solid self-worth.
Today , I take
a positive inventory
of my assets.
I count and consider
my own virtues.
I notice 
what I value
and I build upon 
those values.

I become
the person
I choose to be 
Today I share 
with you my inspiration
for this week.
I have
 this beautiful book
Julia Cameron
653 pages !
on the most beautiful
kind of paper.
I love to have
to think about

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Food for The Spirit!

    Wishing you a Blessed Day,

  2. Good morning beautiful friend!

    These are MOST WORTHY THOUGHTS as they are positive, they BUILD and they help us to see our potential as GOD intended. Now pondering on such things can only make us better human beings. You love to thing about such things? NO WONDER YOU ARE THE LOVELY PERSON YOU ARE!!!!

    Happy day my sweet. Anita

  3. Precious friend,

    I am home from work and the sun is STILL OUT! I did some gardening and I ate my dinner and I am still enjoying the sun rays streaming into my kitchen. Your hugs have reached me and OHHHHHH I HEAR tell from the Dutchess that the weather out your way is being very brusk and rainy! Take some tea and THINK OF ME, over the pond, your friend.

    BISOUS mijn vriendin!! Anita

  4. Hi Francis!
    It's the end of my day ~ tomorrow is Friday! yeah!
    I do love these books that inspire us. The words you wrote here are beautiful!
    Oh my ~ Francis! look at Eva! she is such a little dolly!
    Oh you must be filled with such joy and love!

    I also just love the photo from your last post...
    Always wear your invisible crown :o)
    That is just wonderful!

    Wishing you a fabulous Friday dear ♥
    ~ Maria