donderdag 3 mei 2012

watching through the eyes of.......

the biggest surprise
May 2011
I became to be 
of little 
ever since
I have been 
living my life
as a mother
but also
as a grandmother
holding my breath
so many times
when watching
this little miracle
soon we will celebrate
HER first birthday
I have to celebrate
being a grandmother TOO
she lets me see
the world
throuhg her eyes
it's like
living LIFE 3D......
I already
Life is a miracle
through the eyes
of my children
of all the children
who were in my class
and yet
life keeps 
day after day
wish that for 

4 opmerkingen:

  1. You are so right my precious friend, SO RIGHT! And I hope to do a post on this subject soon. Thursday evenings for me are usually when I do post my new thoughts, but I am always in a rush!

    My dearest, your comment is so special to me. I so understand and REJOICE in you and all the other friendships that mean the world to me that are OUT THERE IN THE WORLD! Truly, blogging has allowed us to connect with people that really want to COMMUNICATE and express their art for living. It has been a joy and though we all have busy lives, the times we DO CONNECT ARE SO SPECIAL. You have been a WONDERFUL FRIEND AND IT IS ME, I have been the one trying to reach out more but am unable. Oh how I appreciate and love your postcards and letters! I have five weeks left of school and I cannot WAIT to get creative and have more time.

    Well, here I go; I must dash off to school. Wishing you a poetic and BEAUTIFUL DAY DEAREST FRANCIS!! Anita

  2. Hallo Francis,
    Nou, dan mag ik je zeker wel feliciteren met je eerste verjaardag van het oma-schap. En natuurlijk ook alvast met de jarige Eva. Ergens deze maand dus.
    Geniet van haar, van iedereen en van het leven,
    Lieve groet,

  3. Lieve Francis, het leven zien door de ogen van een kind en dan nog wel als oma van je prachtige kleindochter. You're blessed! Alvast de felicitaties voor Eva en natuurlijk ook voor jou.
    Liefs, B.

  4. Goede morgen beautiful friend. Just popping in to say HALLO before I leave for work. Anita