dinsdag 8 mei 2012


I collect little 
wooden boats
ever since I saw
standing all alone
on a sales-table
and soon he was not
alone anymore
and the boats
kept coming
It's just so nice
to collect something
and keep finding
and be happy 
now my friend Sylvia
gave me this
and some of my
are here now .
how about you
are you collecting
little things 

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh my sweet one, I collect CROWNS. However, my collection is FULL and lovely, and what I have been collecting the most of lately are the TIMELESS and precious COMMENTS from dear friends like you, that though they do not stand on a shelf, remain in my heart, to remind me that we are all precious.

    YOUR DAUGHTER went to go see her grandmother? I pray that she will come to YOU as well, to spend time with the woman who has given her life and healing during the most difficult time of her life. YES, we all, us little girls, we want to be as far away from our mothers when we are YOUNG and not fully wise. But then the wisdom comes and tells us that we must grasp all we can from these crowned heads of wisdom, before it is too late. I was TOO LATE for when my mother died, she was unable to see and hear WHO I am today. But C'est La Vie.

    I AM SENDING YOU MY FONDEST AFFECTIONS AND HUGS for a super day of remembering, rejoicing and collecting that which makes you HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! Anita

  2. I love your little boats that look so perfect in the boat shaped shelves. I collect things that appeal to me visually, it can be anything really, often ephemera. I like pretty plates and cups and saucers, and old toys, old cards and children's books.....but I do try not to have too much of anything!
    Your blog is a lovely, thoughtful place to visit....I'll be back again soon.
    Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  3. I have missed you my dear friend...our time away was just what we needed..San Francisco is a wonderful place to visit.
    Oh my your little boat collection is beautiful....there is so much I collect..collecting is just good for the soul I say.
    Hope all is well and thank you for your sweet little fb posts while I was away....you are so thoughtful and dear.
    Hugs to you for a wonderful day...back to school for me. xoxox