dinsdag 18 juni 2013

and all that you are ......

lots and lots of obstacles
on my way .

That is not new

What new is 
is ME 
I am changing 
I am learning
to see different
Something inside of me 
is growing 

No longer a teacher
no longer my children in my house


no longer taking care
of others lots of others 

but taking care of ME

believe in myself ?
and all that I am ?
is there something INSIDE
of me ?
that is greater
than any obstacle ?

I believe so !


6 opmerkingen:

  1. I KNOW SO.

    We are always the first to learn the lesson if we open our eyes.

    We are teachers, but we are the ones who LEARN THE MOST.

    We are the artists/writers who BECOME THE ART. All that is within you is at your fingertips to discover. You will find that it was there all the time dearest Francis. MUCH LOVE TODAY! Anita

  2. Weer een mooi post, altijd geloven in jezelf. Verandering is vooruitgang zei iemand me ooit en zo is het vast ook voor jou......bedankt voor je lieve reacties. Lieve groetjes

  3. I Believe in it... and in you. And I'm loving witnessing you trusting and enjoying more yourself.
    You're an inspiration. It didnt end when you left school. When you are inspiring you just inspire diferently through life.

  4. Enjoy exploring the New You! Embrace the opportunity to Experience new things

  5. It's nice to take care of ourselves once in awhile, and I think alone time is so important. I have been taking care of kids for 32 years. It will be my turn soon hehehe.

    A happy week to you, Francis.


  6. To me you are a . . . writer . . . photographer . . . friend . . . thinker . . . inspiration . . . and so much more.