zondag 30 juni 2013


and you
all of you 


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  1. What a fantastic quote my dear Francis! How true it is! And souls have no regard for distance either. We just know we enjoy each others' company, near or far. Wishing you a day full of good surprises. Anita

  2. How wonderful is this quote my friend! Something we need to remember....hope you are doing well my dear ..I am always thinking about you. It has been so hot here and looks like we are in for a very hot week as well...Summer is here. Tomorrow July 1st we celebrate Canada Day...Parade and Fireworks are on the agenda. xoxo

  3. Beautiful quote.

    What is the story behind each of the pictures on your sidebar? I love each and every one of them.

  4. What a nice quote today. Thank you for sharing it, Francis.

    Have a sweet day.


  5. Good morning most dear friend.

    So good to see your comment this morning, as I prepare take a flight out west to my native California to see family. You mentioned CHANGES on your comment; yes, changes are inevitable in life, aren't they? I face seeing some BIG CHANGES in my family this week, as I go out to see my aunt who is sick - she was once young, beautiful, witty and had everything I WANTED TO BE. Now she is suffering and needs the love of the only children she's every had...us cousins, and it is time for me to see her. CHANGE - inevitable, necessary, frightening, but again, necessary to change us.

    May your encounter with change CHANGE you.