zondag 16 juni 2013

miss my wings

is what picks me up
and lifts my WINGS 
high above 

always conquers !

Be graceful
in everything
in anger
in sadness
in joy
in unkindness
with you

C. JoyBell C.


I miss my wings 
I cannot do what I would like to 


I am doing well
I have learned so much 
in the past two years
and I own my life 
more than ever 

that is what I am doing
every day 
I am sad sometimes
for not being able to walk like I used to
for having pain all day 

But I am happy too
because I own my life now
I FEEL now
I learn to let it be .

I miss my wings
but I cherish the memory

enjoy your wings 

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful sentiments! I shall cherish my wings every day

  2. Wat een ontroerende post, ik geniet van mijn vleugels....lieve groet

  3. Good morning lieve Francis!

    We were out all day yesterday in the sunshine, for it was FATHER'S DAY here in the USA. But since our fathers are no longer with us, we did go out to enjoy the day. I loved seeing your comment my dearest friend, and I am so flattered that you would make a print of my photo! tehehehehee

    My darling husband, with whom I have walked thousands of miles with, has been suffering from a painful knee. It is getting worse, and yesterday after walking around some antique shops and going WHEREVER WE WISH, he came home in such bad pain. I fear that it is now his time to experience this inevitable phase of life, as you are describing and something that I too will know, if I am lucky enough to live long enough! But our wings are in the mind too. First of all, that first photo is so darling, isn't it? I also pinned it the other day!

    YOU KEEP ON FLYING in your writing adventure. PLEASE, never, ever stop Francis! NEVER!

    Hugs to you dearest one. Anita

  4. What a lovely way to begin my morning by reading your beautiful words despite that they are about sadness.

    I am so sorry you are in pain. I am not sure what exactly is the problem, but I went with a laminectopy and it did the trick. I tried to get better by just lying around the house, but finally I had the surgery and woke up with no more pain. I was only off work a few days and back skiing in 5 months. I am able to do everything I did before, but I think about how I move.

    I hope your back is better soon.