vrijdag 28 juni 2013

OKAY ......


I am ready
I will do the whole 
once again.
I am going to 
a neurologist 

That's good 
Because this time 
it's ME who wants to know 
I have to explain 

Before this 
the circumstances
made me follow a path 
and I went to doctors
and specialists
I did all that
because everybody
expected that from me 

after being at home now
for two and a half years
and getting worse and worse
I feel 
for myself

now I want to know
now I can really say 
this is too hard , too much .

I can be really 
about this .

happy weekend
dear blog friends 


7 opmerkingen:

  1. I was JUST THINKING OF YOU and wondering when you would blog next!

    I BELIEVE IN GOING TO GET ANSWERS, and to show the doctors that you CAN dialogue with them so you can understand what is happening to your own body. Oh, the pain must be unbearable my dear?

    It all starts with you.
    Go to seek more answers, make more decisions.
    But never stop, never give up on yourself, on others, on hope.

    Let us know how things turn out, please? Anita

  2. Lieve Frances,

    Ik hoop van harte dat de artsen erachter komen wat er precies met je aan de hand is. Wat ontzettend naar om je al zo lang niet goed te voelen.

    Dank je wel voor je lieve berichtjes op mijn blog! Je mag mijn foto's pinnen hoor :-). Ik vind het wel fijn als het linkje naar mijn blog erbij blijft, dan weten de pinners waar ze vandaan komen.

    Heel veel sterkte met het traject dat je in gaat!

    Fijn weekend,

    Madelief x

  3. Dear Francis,
    I do hope that you feel better. It's so hard when we are in pain. Thinking of you on this Friday afternoon, and hoping you will be comforted soon.


  4. Heel veel sterkte en succes, hoop dat ze iets vinden, al klinkt dat raar. Maar weten is beter dan onzekerheid . Lieve groet

  5. Beautiful, beautiful Francis!

    I am barely getting to my blog comments this morning, and I was SO HAPPY to see your comment.

    I believe that everything you described on your comment about the changes in your life AND any challenges that ANYONE OF US experiences are like STEPS. Steps and opportunities to advance, to move FORWARD to unknown and undiscovered territories. As long as there is breath left in our bodies, we should never give up.

    If one part of our being (our bodies!) gives up on us, then how can we use another part of our beings (our mind) to move forward? KINDNESS and generosity, LOVE and encouragement toward others does not only require that we are mobile of body, but flexible of heart. YOU have that, you are gifted in your writing, and your words can make a difference to the world.


    Much love, Anita

  6. I hope things go well at the neurologists. I saw a neurologist when I had back trouble and he was great. I will be thinking of you and hoping that everything goes well.

  7. I hope you get answers to your questions, and things start to make sense for you.