zondag 17 november 2013





Each new day
Is a perfect GIFT
since I got my new HIP 
I am so so so happy 

For 10 days
I am blessed with 
this new part of my body
and the never-ending pain
from my old hip
is disappeared .
After years of pain 
I complete forgot how that feels .
Okay I have to practice
with my new friend
But we are getting along very well.

The experience
of being able
to stand straight
gives such a whole other 

look at life

There is a complete
inner peace
and so much 

I am surrounded with
So much LOVE 
from my children
my family
my friends
and neighbours
it is almost 
to much sometimes
so much LOVE

Thank you all for being here
and be there for me
I am learning to blog
on my IPad
some things are different
but HEY I love my new life
and I will learn 

to all 


5 opmerkingen:

  1. That is inspiring.
    I still have to blog on an iPad.
    I need to download an app or something to load pics.


  2. So pleased to hear you are enjoying a new lease of life - long may it continue!

  3. My wonderful vriendin!

    How I love the way you described your new life, the feeling of being a queen as you walk with a new stride up and down your staircase on a new blue rug! Happy days have come back to you, and you did your share of WAITING. But it came, in time, and via the love of friends and family and patience.

    My heart sang with joy as I saw your comment today. May the magic of waiting and receiving in due time always be what keeps us striving to believe, believe and to receive with love.

    I wish I could MEET YOU! LOVE to you, Anita

  4. This is the perfect Season to feel grateful and blessed.
    You are stronger than you think. A new hip and you're ready to conquer the world :)
    Take Care, please. Don't overdo. Do lean on others - they need to show you their love by caring for you.

  5. Dear Francis,

    Rejoice, Rejoice - you are no longer in pain any more. This is definitely a day of gratitude. I love to hear when people are at peace.