dinsdag 19 november 2013



Little things
hanging on golden yarns
to look at it
and see the slight moving
how the light falls on it
or how the little twinkling sound
sometimes surprises me.

Little signs
of happiness
of friendship
of beauty
all very ME

Today I am gathering
some little things
planning to make something

To make my day 

with my new hip 


6 opmerkingen:

  1. How I love your twinkles mijn vriendin! All of your photo collections say a bit of who you are or rather, what you love. Gentleness and sweetness are your muse, and mine as well.

    I am so thrilled that you are finding light and hope. May you spirit rise to praise the goodness above you and.....WITHIN you. Love, Anita

  2. Now that sounds like one magical day my friend...gathering bits of JOY! I can not think of anything better to do...wish I could join you! I think "JOY" is loving your new hip! xoxoxo

  3. Your writing "twinkles". It is so obvious that your pain is lessened and you are feeling lighter. Have fun creating.

  4. I would love to see what you create, Francis. It makes all the difference in the world when we're feeling better.


  5. Ooh lovely idea! I look forward to seeing what you make Francis!