zaterdag 23 november 2013

Round and round


for two weeks
I am HOME now
I know
You know by now !
but to me it is 
a miracle
every day 

me and my new hip
we are adjusting
We are the best of friends
that's for sure
A very special friend
because my new hip
Is very patience
and guiding me
into this wonderful new life
Teaching me
to focus
to be in the moment
to own my body
to feel what I am doing
I supposed
I had to do excersises
Three times a day
And that was that
I had NO idea what I was doing
Where I was supposed
to feel something
and where NOT.

I had to learn 
to focus
and had to make
a lot of steps
I was going much to fast

I feel such a drive
But I have to be patience

Just focus on 
round and round
And above all
my new life 


6 opmerkingen:

  1. I love your mind.

    I love how you take a moment, a situation, a SURPRISE in life and ponder it.

    You are a writer. A writer with a new life and yes, a daily commitment to work toward your goal and....write about it.

    Hugs my dear, Anita

  2. That old saying, "you must walk before you run" applies to you. I know you are so happy with your new hip that you want to run through the flower fields. But, you must walk and enjoy each step.

  3. Keep enjoying your new lease of life, Francis, so pleased you and your hip have become such good friends!

  4. Lieve Francis, wat fantastisch dat je je zo goed voelt en vooral dat je heup zo goed voelt:) en je kent het gezegde:2 stappen vooruit en 1 stap terug...maar vooruit ga je! Lieve groet

  5. Ontzettend fijn om zo'n positieve blogpost van jou te lezen Frances. Je komt er wel!! Wat een heerlijk idee dat je straks weer van alles kunt ondernemen :-)

    Dank je wel ook voor je lieve berichtje op mijn blog. Het is inderdaad fijn dat we veel lieve mensen om ons heen hebben!

    Fijne week & beterschap!

    Madelief x