woensdag 19 januari 2011

whats up ?

being a good teacher
is not only
being present
it's so much more
working with small children
is wonderful
and inspiring
and you have to be there
the full 100 %
more !
I'm working on it !
My feet are telling me
not yet
but it 'll come in time
I'm sure of that
so now I try to realy enjoy
staying at home
without feeling guilty
not easy , not easy at all !
on the other hand
I'm so glad I can stand on my feet again
I can have small walks in the house
I can go the stairs again
It's going to be allright
I'm sure

7 opmerkingen:

  1. It's not always easy to step back and really take care of ourselves, but rest assured my new friend, you are doing yourself, and your wonderful students a great favor. Everyone will benefit. I hope you are all better soon my dear. I enjoy your lovely blog, your new magazing looks beautiful as well!!

    hugs to you, and healing thoughts as well.

    xx Rena

  2. It is soooo true my friend...I think guilt is terrible...but we always feel that way. You just need to get better...there will always be sweet students waiting for you!

    Sending you oodles of love for the perfect day...enjoy your time while you have it!

    Hugs and love. xoxoxo

  3. i spent 5 1/2 months @ home
    thought it would never end
    it did...but you MUST take
    care of yourself...
    sending happy thoughts your way

  4. Wat een herkenbaar gevoel, het valt niet mee he, je aanpassen...met kleine stapjes vooruit al ben ik al wat verder dan jij, sterkte en lieve groet.

  5. Oh so many wise words here... It's good for us to take care of ourselves. A friend of mine once said {when I was trying to get by with torn ligaments in my ankle} that if one of my children had the same injury, I would insist on a doctor's visit and more rest. I took her advise... I needed to hear that!
    So glad you're getting up and around, keep pampering yourself, Francis ~ you'll be so glad you did ♥

  6. Wish you all the best..love your blog.Hava a great day/ EVA

  7. good words and beautiful flowers

    such a lovely blue

    sending healing rays of blue to you ♥

    warmest hugs