maandag 3 januari 2011


I might as well tell you
I am sitting on my couche
for two weeks now
cannot stand on my feet
cannot walk
my enkles are bigger than big
inflammation .
resting and feet up high
the doctor advised.
for two weeks now
and it is just a little bit better
a very small little bit
I would not write about it
I love everything seems normal
after two weeks
it's not
of course
very happy
with my laptop now
and my tv .....
I am watching the complete series
and also
I love chocolate
I haven't any in the house anymore
so I'm eating it
on my bread now .

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I have no idea what Hagelslag is and I must admit my first impulse when seeing the pic was to gag and say yuck! Ahh, but then I read the word chocolate and chocolate in any form is yummy and now that bread seems somehow yummy too. I hope the inflammation goes down for you soon. I have the same problem with my knees but not the luxury of staying off my feet. I down way too many pain pills some days. Do rotate your ankles slightly now and then and bend your knees and do little minnie leg lifts. It will help keep those leg muscles moving and the joints happy. Ugh! I know. Have you tried soaking your feet in chamomile knee? I know sounds strange but it is one of thiose old wives tales that really works. I soaked a towel and layes it over my ankles. Do take care and feel better soon.
    Happy Nw Year!

  2. mmmmm, Hagelslag is not my favourite bread spread, but I can understand your love for it. I hope you are getting better, do you take some homeopathic remedies or drink herbal tea to help heal the inflammation? get well soon! and white regards from Slovenia

  3. Lieve Francis , wat vreselijk balen voor je, hoe kom je eraan, maar voor jou geldt momenteel meer, hoe kom je er vanaf...
    Ik heb lymf-oedeem in een been dus draag altijd een steunkous, erg effectief moet ik zeggen.
    Gneiet van je hagelslag, ik ben er ook dol op!
    Lieve groet Jolanda

  4. Oh no my friend...this is not good...sending you wishes of health and hope you are up and about really soon!!!!

    Now just look at your magical treat! I teach at a school that has many many dutch students and this is what they bring in their lunches...I am sorry but I have never tried this chocolate treat...will have to soon.

    Your sweet little jacket is in the mail to you today!!! xooxo

  5. Hi Francis!
    Oh I do hope your ankles feel better! I'm glad you are listening to your doctor and resting. Feet up is good!
    ~ I will keep you in my prayers ~
    I love treats like the one you have here... I will put all kinds of spreads on bread or crackers + add crushed nuts {my favorite} What a treat!!!

    Thank you for stopping by my bluebird post... My sister-in-law must have read your comment about your granddaughter that's on the way... Her comment has a little note for you in it!

    Praying for fast healing * bless you always, Francis!

    ps. Isn't it great a sweet little girl's jacket is going to travel halfway around the world to you!?!

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