maandag 17 januari 2011



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  1. I had a wonderful day yesterday....sewed Valentines gifts out of my mom's wool (and I had felted them) sweaters!! I love Valentines day and making things for friends. Today, more of the same, and top it all is SNOWING so hard outside...nice cozy day.

  2. OH, and I lOVE the tea cups in this photo!!! I can only imagine how lovely the tea would taste out of those lovely and delicate cups!!

  3. Hi Francis...
    My day is nice and quiet... a sweet start with my daughter, Amanda home for a visit... the afternoon will spice up when Rachael and Jason arrive ♥ my heart's delight!
    wishing you sweetness and joy, dear Francis!

  4. my day was quite great, despite of my light headache I had a lot of fun with my baby and 4 years old alone without my man. now I have fer hours for myself, I ran out of blue wool for my baby's sweater. sweet dreams!

  5. it is such a pretty photograph...I love tea cups....thanks for sharing this!
    I am now following you....please do take a minute to stop in and visit with me sometime!

    my day has been filled with creative pursuits! crocheting and blogging and sipping hot cocoa while the snow falls prettily outside my window!
    thanks for asking!
    ciao bella!

    creative carmelina

  6. It would be much better if I could have a cup of tea with you my friend. xoxoxo