dinsdag 4 januari 2011


All who joy would win
Must share it
Happiness was born a twin .
Lord Byron
All you share with me
brings me joy
Let's share and share and share
a whole new year
ahead of us

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Well said my friend....now I just noticed those amazing treats at the top right hand corner of your blog..right under your banner...What are those....did you make them? I would love the recipe.

    Hope you are feeling better...xoxoxo

  2. Hi Francis... thinking of you and hoping you feel a little bit better each day...
    Yes, Koralee and I are noticing your yummy treats... even the star design on the coffee... How pretty! Is that cinnamon sprinkled on top?
    All your sidebar photos are great!
    and it is true, dear Francis, that sharing joy multiplies it for all ♥
    Blessings always,

  3. ps. I was able to access your blog today from school! It is my lunchtime and it's wonderful to stop by at an earlier time of day!

  4. Hoi francis,
    perongeluk..lees ik je stukje bij floor..over je dochter....heerlijk he....eentje die zo door het leven kan wandelen...hier loopt er ook net zo eentje...