donderdag 4 augustus 2011


with four children
there are always
involved .
I do love boxes
but more the little ones
the special ones .
Like the box with
the little mouse
my daughter gave to me
to keep me company
My mouse-friend
always makes me smile !
Anna my daughter who is living
was here for a week .
There are still a lot of boxes
from her overhere .
So she was looking in them
and reorganising....
My son Thomas
just got the key of
his first student appartment
so empty boxes
for him to fill
I am busy staying calm
making everything
My days are filled
can we stay for dinner?
is here !

8 opmerkingen:

  1. i adore you mouse boxes!
    have a great weekend sweet friend :D

  2. IPEEEEE! I hope you enjoy every moment and savor the memories stored up in your little boxes my friend!!!! Missing you....Anita

  3. enjoy your summer! we have been having beautiful winter's days, but it won't last.
    enjoy the boxes and all the memories Francis ♥

  4. May your boxes continue to overflow with joy dear Francis!!!!! I love your happy blog posts!!!
    xxx Rena

  5. ooooo I LOVE YOUR MICE so much...and dearest, YOU HAD THE FAMILY WITH YOU, that is so good and I wish you HAPPINESS ALL THE DAY! I bet little Eva is just getting bigger and bigger every time you see her! Did you ever get the card I sent you with my illustration on the cover?

    HAPPY DAY TO YOU DEAR far away, but close in the heart.

    VEEL KUSJES! Anita

  6. Wat een schatjes, natuurlijk je kinderen maar ik bedoel eigenlijk de muizen! Hier ook in en uitgefladder van m'n kids!
    Zie ik bovenaan je blog een foto van een Emma Bridgewater-servies? Ga even langs bij
    lieve groet

  7. Pure Joy my! My life right now is filled with boxes...lots to unpack and should see our basement!

    I do love your little mice...they would make me very happy!

    Hugs for a wonderful weekend sweet one. Enjoy your sweet family

  8. Hi Francis!
    This is one of the most delightful places in blogland~
    Your little mice in boxes are so adorable.
    Your words are very very true!
    I see they resonate with all those who have visited you!
    Yes, my home has boxes galore!
    Our basement ~ oh dear! boxes everywhere!
    We have it under control {somewhat} this summer.
    I don't know how long it will last, someone needs to just "look for something down there" and the boxes will multiply somehow!

    Blessings to you and that darling sweet one in your sidebar! Little Eva!