zaterdag 6 augustus 2011


but I am still learning
to see when it happens
I don't like change
but sometimes
I have to , I need to
life brings me
the change
and I ...... I don't see it ,
the change confuses me
and makes me grumble.
and than
a few days and
many opportunities later
it suddenly HITS ME
Suddenly I understand
what happened .
how special it was
and how it introduced
the change !
the benefit is
when I look back
and count those blessings
I have an advance
for all of a sudden
I am already
on my way
I hope you understand
what I am trying to share
surprised by surprise

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh dearest, I DO UNDERSTAND! If we did not have surprise in our minds or hearts, we would not learn. NEW THINGS spark something in our brains that cause more learning, more searching, and HOPE. You have a beautiful way about you and I am so blessed to call YOU my friend. SOOOOOO HAPPY you got the card. And my dear, you are full of surprises! LOVE TO YOU MY FRIEND! Anita

  2. Oh I so can relate to this my dear friend...I love how you look at positive! You are a blessing to me in every way.
    Now that mug...I must get one of is the sweetest mug I have ever seen...I Adore tea and magazines.
    Happy weekend. xoxoxox

  3. Soms zien we niet wat onder onze ogen gebeurd....maar dingen gebeuren of komen op je pad omdat je er open voor staat....lieve groet

  4. I am so tickled to hear about the JOY and SURPRISE that you have experienced with the love of family close by to you...and to HOLD that bundle of beauty in little Eva. It has also got to be a beautiful experience for YOU to see your son be the light of his daughter's heart. WOW. And to think my dear, that you share that with me. I am so delighted to have your friendship, though so far, yet so near. I send you a hug and here today, rain is looming over us. The clouds have not yet spilled out their abundance, but it is coming!!!!

    May JOY be yours in memory of your summer visits with family, and may JOY be yours every day with the sweet surprises along your day's journey. BISOUS MON AMIE! Anita

  5. Wat leuk dat je House of Seasons zo goed kent....dan weet je waarom ik zo enthousiast ben! Ik ga het Lia zeker even doorgeven, of volg je haar zelf al? Wie weet zien we elkaar daar nog eens, lieve groet