zondag 28 augustus 2011


There is
no blue
without yellow
and without orange
Vincent van Gogh
I am going
to find me
some orange stuf
in my house
there's so much rain
and the sky
is darkest grey
I do need some

2 opmerkingen:

  1. FRANCIS!!!!! OHHHHHH! I am so happy that you found a new word: IGNITE! To start, to spark, to light, and in figurative sense, to INSPIRE! What IGNITES JOY IN YOU DEAREST???

    Oh my friend, your son is gone. I hope this will be a time that you will IGNITE NEW creative endeavors for yourself. Talking about THERAPY....I spent about 3 weeks going to a chiropractor for an injury to my back. HE HELPED ME SO MUCH. I did all the exercises, applied ice, and he would CRACK my back. I was totally healed until YESTERDAY, I lifted a box and now my back is in such pain again, and I GO TO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!! I CAN HARDLY WALK! I hope that YOU are well and on your way to recovery.

    YOU GOING TO HAVE COFFEE WITH SASKIA TODAY? THINK OF ME????? I send hugs to by both and I must send her a message. She sent me the cutest PENCIL SET to start school! PLEASE TELL HER: DANK U SASKIA!

    Fondest regards to you my friend, Anita

  2. Oh sweet friend...the sky is sunny and bright..it will be a very hot day here today...not Fall like at all!
    Thank you for your sweet comment...life is always busy around my home..someone coming or going...daughters friends arriving..one is off on a train yesterday with a friend who is staying with us for 2 weeks..they will be back tomorrow! Had to take them 2 hours to the train station...my other daughter arrived home from a cabin yesterday and was gone for 4 days...busy life it is. I long for a Holiday away! But tomorrow is a new day and a new school year begins so must put a positive smile on my face and GO! Where did the Summer go? I am ready I believe..I have to start sometime.

    Love orange...tired on a pair of bring orange ballernia flats yesterday..they did make me happy.

    Enjoy your rainy day...brighten up with Orange. xoxoxoox hugs