dinsdag 9 augustus 2011

on my mind

is the essence
of life
to surrender
what you are
 you could become.

The subject CHANGE
is on my mind .

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  1. Ahhh...good morning dearest friend! I just woke up to see your wonderful message. I love blogging. I love the community of human souls connecting from all over the world and THAT has CHANGED my life. AND it is as if we bloggers know something that some dear people AROUND us in our work, neighborhood and even family do not know: COMMUNICATING. Changed requires you to see things in a NEW WAY. What a great way to keep up growing young in our minds and keeping us busy. I have a lot of changes coming up in my work when I return at the end of August to school! A new principal, a new system of assessment and then again, 50 new children to get to know and teach. I think of you my friend, very often. I see the beautiful letter, the mouse, and it makes me smile. I hope you are feeling good; I had my last chiropractor appointment yesterday and I feel so much better. May the sun shine on your today, may you hear the birds sing and make you STOP and may change bring you a BIG surprise today to make you sooooo happy my dearest....much love, Anita

  2. we thrive on change my sweet friend
    image what we would be if things were
    the same day in and day out...
    sometimes we fear change
    but when we accept it
    it may be just what we had hoped for!
    things have changed since i began blogging
    i thought it was just for my family to keep up
    but now it has become a lifeline to friends,
    family, new ideas, and change!!!

  3. Hi Francis!
    I'm off and running today to visit with my daughter and sister...
    I love your recent posts about change... It is good for us ~ helps us to grow and bend as life comes to us sometimes quickly, sometimes very slowly {seems to be more quickly these days!}
    I am grateful that our Heavenly Father never changes though!
    ♥ happy day to you dear one!

  4. Verandering is vooruitgang, is de lijfspreuk van een vriend van mij....ben benieuwd waar je heen gaat! En wat leuk dat je een nieuwe beker gaat kopen bij Lia. Dat betekend dat je weer aan de slag gaat? Lieve groet

  5. I think change is sometimes scary, but once the change takes place, it's not as scary, and we are able to become used the changes. I LOVED your letter, and I will be writing to you soon. Having you in my life Frances, has made such a "change" for the better, I really appreciate your friendship, and your gentle words of wisdom and advice. Sending you hugs, and I hope everything is okay. (?) xxx your are loved....rena

  6. Oh my friend...change can be soooo good! It can get you energized once again and excited about new things...you can see things in a different light. Though it is not always easy but we need to grow to be happy.
    I hope things are well for you....sending you oodles of love sweet one...wish I could just pop over and visit you.